Saturday, June 14, 2008


Whew. I can now exhale. All of the stresses that lead up to a deployment are now gone. But so is Mike. It has been an exausting month and a half of vacation, getting all the jobs done that I needed Mike's help with, keeping a clean house, being constantly positive, the emotional rollercoster of times and dates of the actual "Goodbye date" changing every couple of days.

I am becoming more and more aware of the little ways Satan will try to ruin my day. An example is: getting a phone call that says the guys are leaving 3 days before the expected date, another call saying that Mike has to fly on what should have been a family day, weedeaters breaking when I finally get a chance to do yard work. Things like that. But I am training myself to stop and say... God is in charge. He won't let anything happen that we can't get through. And believe me, I can make it through a weed eater breaking.

But why can't I see that until a week later? Why was it such a huge deal? I feel like such a spiritual baby. I have been doing a study called "Her Hands" written for women about how Christian women are supposed to look (on the inside). I am amazed at what I am learning about my role as a wife, as a mother and as a Christian. It is excellent. I want to shout it from the rooftops. Everyone should do this study.

Right now Chrissy, my sis, is with me. She is a blessing to be around. She has been helping me with the boys, keeping the house picked up, and is just a pleasure to be around. In a few minutes we are going to go to walmart... shudder.... and she will be there, right beside me cheering me on... and helping with kids.

I am thankful.

Mike is doing well. I have gotten to talk to him twice, and you know what? Both times I was in particularly good moods, which means that I sounded happy and good on the phone. This is VERY important I think to our troops. They call home and need to hear a happy wife, they want to remember the good things about home and hear how well we are doing. I think it makes them feel like they are doing their job right... fighting for right and our way of life in America. So what a blessing that I was able to convey positive things to Mike about the kids, that I was doing well and so on.

More another day. I have a date with the greeter at Walmart.