Sunday, June 16, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

Like I said a couple posts ago, I've got a couple more people around here (all the time) now...

And, I'll be real with ya'll for a moment. 

It's throwing off my groove.

This happens every time Mike gets back from deployment. 


I'm used to being the boss.  I've got my schedule, my way of doing things and then next thing you know somebody who out ranks me gets transferred back home and... it's just... it's just hard.

It's hard to give up my way.

One moment you think you're soooo selfless.  You watch the kids alone, for months on end.  You keep the home fires burning.  You patch up knees and hold the bowl while a little one throws up. 

As far as giving of yourself goes, you are pretty much on the same level as Mother Teresa and Angelina Jolie.  The song "I Give You my All" could have been written with you in mind.  Come to think of it, it probably was. 

Service is your thing.  No one gives like you give. 

You think this is the end of the story until one morning you wake up, trip over a pair of size 10 sneakers and everything hits the fan.  "WHY ARE THESE HERE!?!?"  or maybe  "CAN NO ONE IN THIS HOUSE REPLACE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!"   You're instantly in a bad mood that could potentially last for days.  The most random things upset you.  It's not plesant.

"If Mama ain't happy, nobodies happy."  And that's where we've been.

That's where I've been.

It's not pretty.  I've been easily irritated and just plain rude.  I'll say something and then think, "Why did I just say that?  That was so rude."

It's pathetic really.

You realized just how bad it's gotten when you have a conversation with your child that goes like this:

Setting:  Dad is driving in the Ozarks and decides to switch the van into a lower gear.

Ty:  "Mom, What's a gear?"

Me:  "It's a... how fast the engine goes in a car, or something like that.  The lower gears are better for driving in hills and when you drive slow. (pause)  Ty, one day you will probably know more about it then I do, then you can teach me."

Ty:  "But Mom, you will be in heaven by then."

Mike and I chuckle at how old he must think we are about the same time as Jack leans over and whispers to Ty: 

"Or she could be in hell."

Friday, June 14, 2013

First day of school, last day of school

First day of school --EVER for the Ellis family

Last day of school 2013
Only 18 more to go.



Weapons school is finally over.  Mike is a Weapons officer and a member of a pretty elite fraternity.  I don't know much about it except that they save lives and get to wear a cool patch in place of the American flag on their flight suits.  I'm pretty sure there is a lot more to it, I'm imagining National Treasure Free Mason stuff.  Anyway, I got to go out to Vegas to see him graduate.  It was such a cool graduation.  I've never seen anything like it.  Formal attire, three course meal, huge ballroom.... We were seated at a table with three Colonels.  I sat up straight.  Well, I had no choice I was in a fancy dress that inhibited most movements, including slouching.

Mike's mom came down for a visit.  This was actually her first time to meet Brady.  It was a wonderful visit.  We did things like goofy golf, the zoo, the bounce house place, took a trip to toys r us for Austin to pick out his birthday present. 


Mema was here for Jack's end of year school party as well has his last day of school and first day of summer.  We ended this season with a bang.  Mike finished up 6 months of intense training, Jack finished up less intense training.  A trip to Vegas (on my birthday) and then back home.

It seems the times I have the most to write about I have the least amount of time.  So that was a quick recap of the last three weeks.

Here are a few WIC graduation pictures: