Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Poor

As I pulled into McDonald's (breakfast of champions) this morning I noticed a couple beside the road. I assume they were homeless. They were asking for donations. The lady was in a wheelchair, she was holding a sign. A man stood behind her.

I love when God teaches me something and then immediately gives me the opportunity to put it into practice.

This morning during my quiet time I went again to the book "A Gospel Primer" by Milton Vincent. I've copied the short passage down for you... anyone know if this is highly illegal? If I give credit is it ok???

Check out what I read.

Like nothing else could ever do, the gospel instills in me a heart for the downcast, the poverty-stricken, and those in need of physical mercies, especially when such persons are of the household of faith.

When I see persons who are materially poor, I instantly feel a kinship with them, for they are physically what I was spiritually when my heart was closed to Christ. Perhaps some of them are in their condition because of sin, but so was I. Perhaps they are unkind when I try to help them; but I, too, have been spiteful to God when He has sought to help me. Perhaps they are thankless and even abuse the kindness I show them, but how many times have I been thankless and used what God has given me to serve selfish ends?

Perhaps a poverty-stricken person will be blessed and changed as a result of some kindness I show him. If so, God be praised for His grace through me. But if the person walks away unchanged by my kindness then I still rejoice over the opportunity to love as God loves. Perhaps the persons will repent in time; but for now, my heart is chastened and made wiser by the tangible depiction of what I myself have done to God on numerous occasions.

The gospel reminds me daily of the spiritual poverty into which I was born and also of the staggering generosity of Christ towards me. Such reminders instill in me both a felt connection to the poor and a desire to show them the same generosity that has been lavished on me. When ministering to the poor with these motivations, I not only preach the gospel to them through word and deed, but I reenact the gospel to my own benefit as well.

What a humbling passage. What a good reminder of my own condition before God. What a gift to get to see it this morning.

But of course, as always, I don't learn things the first go round:

When purchasing my breakfast, I also bought two sandwiches for this poor couple. As I started walking toward them, the man saw me and walked my direction. I put the two sandwiches in his worn grimy hands. He looked me in the eyes and told me: "Thank you. God bless."

I walked back to the car while he returned to his post. I watched to see if he would eat the sandwich or if he would throw it out, there only for the money. He spoke to the woman then put the sandwiches in a bag behind her wheelchair. Instantly my mind jumped to conclusions:

"He prolly gets lots of McDonald's, that's why he's chosen this corner."
"I've wasted my money buying them food they aren't going to eat. I'm sure he's already eaten this morning."

Instead of rejoicing at the opportunity to serve, I think about it logically. I decide whether or not that was an effective move. According to my wisdom it wasn't fair --he had done nothing to earn this free meal. It wasn't a worthwhile gift --he wasn't starving. It wasn't life-changing --I didn't share the Gospel. I just wasted Mike's hard earned money buy giving food to a guy who doesn't really want it.


I was remined of what I read that morning:

"But if the person walks away unchanged by my kindness then I still rejoice over the opportunity to love as God loves."

Who knows how this guy got in this situation. If he was the most undeserving and vial person on the planet, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that I got to love as God loves... ME.

Monday, August 30, 2010


No, I don't have a lisp.

Bathketball is a sport Jack and Ty invented tonight.

It is my understanding that in order to "win" you must not only score a ton but also displace at least 30% of the water from the tub.

Jump shots are a must.

Teamwork --take it or leave it.

Very similar to thieves, there's no honor amongst bathketball players. When "discovered" Ty tried to slip unseen into the water. Jack faced the music.

Installing the goal that high must have been pretty dangerous....

On the bright side, Jack's got a pretty decent vertical.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reading with Jack

Me: "Jack, sound out these letters. "

(I point to TIP)

Jack: ttt iii ppp (imagine him sounding out each letter)

Me: What does it say?

Jack: Snug!

Me (laughing at how in the world he came up with "snug"): No Jack, it says "tip"

Jack (eyes lit up): Oh! Like, "Tip of my hat"

Me: laughs

Ahh sleep!

It's the perfect day for a nap.

Mike has some studying he needs to do today. So I took the kids out to a park this morning. Where they ran, slid and fed the ducks. Arriving home they ate a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly with a side of cucumbers. Both big boys could hardly stay awake at lunch. My eyes widened at the thought of this INCREDIBLE nap that awaited me. Austin hadn't had his usual long morning nap, and even if he had, no big deal he also happens to take a long afternoon nap! Perfect.

My significant other sweetly cleaned up the lunch mess while I took a quick shower (my phone fell in the lake when we were feeding the ducks and I had to wade in the nasty water to fish it out). Next I got the big boys all read to and sound asleep in their beds.

Saaawwwwweet!! Nap time!

But no...

No, no, no.

After trying for over an hour to get Austie to sleep, trying every sleep position he uses, nothing. I gave up and thought he could maybe just chill next to me while I slept. After drifting off to sleep two or three times (only to be woken up immediately) I gave up and came down stairs to let him play.

What's a mom to do when you've got this looking up at you?

15 minutes later, before I'm even done typing this:

Little punk...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Then I'll be a man

A conversation was going on in the back seat while driving to MDO this morning. I wasn't paying much attention till I heard Ty say: "I not a man yet."

I thought... this could be good, so I kept listening:

Ty: "I not a man yet."

Jack: "I'm not either."

Ty: "But I got hair on my knees! Look Jack, look!"

Jack: "Yeah, but you have to have a little belly like Daddy's, then you're a man."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trouble with the Law

I'm in trouble with the law.

It's actually a quite bogus story.

Let me tell you how it all began....

Rachel, my friend, invited us to the park one morning two weeks ago. We were up and at'em so I told her sure, we'll be there in 30. We load up --which is no easy task with three, about the time one is dressed and ready, another needs to nurse or go potty or get disciplined, so I was pretty impressed with myself that we had made it out of the house.

Driving along...

Ahead of us was a corner notorious for security forces (base police) with their radar guns. Today was different only in the fact that their vehicle was packed in the most obvious spot imaginable. As I drove by I thought, "haha, they aren't going to catch ANYONE speeding today." I get to the corner, stop and proceed.

Then, out pulls the SF car which promptly turns on it's lights.

What in the world?

I pull over, officer approaches, informs me that I did not stop at the stop sign. I disagree politely. I mean, as politely as you can when you are telling someone they are incorrect. It didn't matter. I hand them my driver's license, military ID card, proof of insurance, proof of registration, marriage license, living will, all three children's birth certificates, title to our vehicle... wait. Well, most of that.

They leave. 20 minutes later. Yes, 20 minutes. Not exaggerating. Hot car, screaming baby, Ty, and friends waiting on me at the park.

Twenty minutes.

Then they come back, inform me that my state driver's license has expired a couple months ago on my birthday.


They leave again.

Then come back 5 minutes later with two tickets. I'm informed that I need to give the tickets to my husband when he gets home and he will go tell the first Sergeant. The ticket for running a stop sign (pleading not guilty) will result in 3 points against my license, if I get too many points my driving privileges will be revoked. I'm told there is no penalty for the expired license, but I must renew it immediately.

Ok. Well, as is natural, I was upset about the tickets, mostly because I thought I DID stop at the stop sign. Mike talks to the shirt and is told that if I get stopped with an expired license again that I could get my license suspended for 6 months to a year (on base). Yikes. The next day I'm in line at the DMV 15 minutes before it opens. Twenty-two people were ahead of me in line. But I did it, renewed the license, cute picture and all.

A week later...

Mike comes home at lunch and says, "Becca, we have a problem." I look up, "Do you mean me and you have a problem?" "No," he replies, "We're on the same side." Oh good. That'll be easier.

"The problem is," he continues, "There is paperwork in place to have your license suspended."


Apparently, the way the ticket was written up caused someone in Security Forces to find it necessary to recommend to the Missions Support Group Commander that my license be suspended.

BTW the "Missions Support Group Commander" is a rather high ranking official, rather, meaning one of the highest on the base. You never want them to hear your name until you're say... a light Col. Otherwise it's best that they don't know of you.

Soon I will be served with paperwork and will no longer be allowed to drive on base.

The only other option is for Mike to put a package together with the hopes that we can get a waiver for me to continue driving. He will need copies of the tickets, signatures from his boss and his bosses boss (another guy that shouldn't hear about you this way), then he will write up a statement explaining why it is so important that I keep driving. He'll probably mention that I've been driving 12 years and have never had a moving violation. Ever. He'll probably mention that He deploys a lot and I need to drive the kids around. He'll probably ALSO mention that we LIVE on base.

So within a couple weeks we will know whether the Group commander is going with the recommendation of the Security Forces or if he will accept the waiver and I get to continue driving.

And if we don't get the waiver?

We will have to move.


This will be me.

BTW this is not a joke. No one at my house is laughing about it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things my parents have taught me -Sea World

Conversation between Mike and I as we left Sea World an hour ago:

Me: "So, how do we know if we've had a successful trip? I mean, you and I would rather by lying on a beach somewhere so obviously this trip wasn't for us. Austin was hot the whole time and didn't get a good nap in all day. Jack threw up all over you and has been kind of glassy-eyed. So is it up to Ty? However Ty felt about the day, is that the measuring tool? Or is it just if we make it through the day?"

Mike: "Well, I guess if we make it through the day and no one was seriously hurt and the cops weren't called on us, then it's been a successful trip."

Me: "We did it then."
Mom and Dad, you took us to Sea World when we were little --and you actually paid the admission fee (military and 3 dependants get in free once a year).


Why go through all that trouble to go on a vacation when life is demanding enough under normal circumstances?

Right now I am typing this in our hotel room and behind me are two beds with two boys on each of them --sound asleep. I'm enjoying the quiet, the only sound being the A/C humming behind me. Ahh! This is my kind of vacation. Wasn't that ya'lls as well? Why did you take us on so many trips?

I'm guessing it's cause you wanted us to have fun memories together. You wanted us to see and experience things. You wanted us to know what to do when the van overheated and Dad wasn't around. Maybe because you liked to travel --but... you could have dropped us off at either of your parents houses as they both live in town. Then ya'll would have REALLY been able to relax and enjoy your time.

Mom and Dad, how did you gauge a successful trip?

If it was fun memories and family bonding, experiencing new places and learning roadside survival skills... then you did it.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"I mean... Goodnight!"

Jack and Ty at bedtime:

Me: "Jack, give Ty a hug and tell him he's a good brother."

Jack: [gives Ty a long meaningful hug] "...Ty.... you're a
good brother."

Me: "Ty, what do you say?"

Ty: "I can do a flip on the trampoline!"


2 year olds...

Talk about argumentative...


When a two year old wakes up grumpy what do you do?

Jack engages Ty in a conversation:

Jack: "Knock, knock"

Ty: "Noooooooo! I NOT a door."

sheesh... can't ya take a joke??

Monday, August 16, 2010


I was looking up Austin's name on a baby naming website. It had the words: "Sibling Names" hyperlinked so I clicked on it. Here are some of the names that go with Austin's name:

See the names Tyler and Jackson! Wow! We had no idea we were that good at coordinating names. Oh and Michael is on there too.

At almost 3 months Austin is just now bringing things to is mouth to chew on, holding his head up very well, has tons of rolls and smiles often. He shrieked for me the other day... melted my heart!

More to report later. I need to go to bed!

My View

Who wouldn't want a view like this?

I'm so in love with these little boys. I understand now how you can love someone so much and yet they drive you bonkers sometimes. I get it.

February 25, 2011. That day my view will change a little. We will be leaving Abilene. Mike's career will take a turn and he will be in pilot training. He will be flying UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or as they are now being called RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) --don't you love the AF with all their acronyms???

Training will begin (again) at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX. Mike did his initial nav. training at Randolph. We have sweet memories of Jack coming home to that house, of my beautiful green lawn and our wonderful neighbors. It will be fun to be back. One of our most favorite parts about living in San Antonio is that people will come visit you. We love company. So plan your vacation around Sea World, the Alamo and Riverwalk. We'll take care of your lodging. :-)

I'm going to miss my home on Montana street, but I'm thankful that we get to take those sweet little boys with us to be part of the view at our next home.

--nobody say anything about my dirty windows unless you are on your way over to clean them...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Adult Toy Poodles - free to good home

Well, after threatening for the last two years, I finally did it.

I put the dogs on craigslist.

Ike and Mamie, sweet little cute toy poodles.

Ike has been with us since our first Christmas as man and wife. Mamie followed the next spring as a playmate and future mate for Ike. We've had good times. These dogs moved with us 7 times, had two litters of puppies --BOTH while I was pregnant with Jack.

Now, three boys and four deployments later, numerous TDYs (air force term for business trips), and even the minivan getting a little cozy... it's time.

I've decided it is best for me (and in turn, my family) if I send the dogs on to their next home. Mike, being the understanding husband that he is, see's how much responsibility I have and has looked away as I kick out the dogs. I think he's a little sad. Yesterday while we were tidying up the kitchen he started singing "Cruela DeVil." I told him to hush.

Ike and Mamie are now living in "Country Club Estates" across the street from the Clyde golf course. Their new mama was so excited to get them. She assured me that they would be spoiled rotten. Their new daddy asked if Ike was housebroken. He also asked if they were accustomed to sleeping in their kennel. The couple, Ann and Gary, are in their early 60s, perfect! Young enough to keep up with Mamie and old enough to sit and hold Ike. Grand kids frequent their home. They have a swing set and kids toys in the HUGE manicured backyard. Gary put Jack and Ty on a power wheel and let them drive around the backyard. Their back patio is as big as the Snyder's house, and their home has lots of tile floors. Easy cleanup as Ike will probably go around marking everything.

And how does giving my dogs away make me feel?

Well, a little bit like a failure but mostly: confident.

I'm confident that Ann will be a better "mom" to the dogs than I was able to be.
I'm confident that Ike will try to mark everything.
I'm confident that the boys will not see me model impatience with animals.
I'm confident Ike and Mamie's eventual cause of death will not be from lack of food and water.
I'm confident that barking will not prematurely wake up my children from their naps.
I'm confident that the trash can will not be knocked over while are gone.
I'm confident there will not be a massive flea infestation in our house.


I'm confident I will not be up for another dog till I'm in my early 60s.

One last thing... How are the boys handling the dogs departure?

I sat them down and gave them a serious talk... maybe the most serious one of their lives from me as it will be Mike who handles the sex talk. I told them that the five of them were running me ragged and somebody had to go... "Better the dogs than you," I told Ty. Actually, I explained how the dogs new home had a grandma and grandpa in it who didn't have any babies to hold and that they needed the little dogs to hold. I told them that Ike and Mamie needed to be petted more and that Mama was too busy holding little boys and didn't have enough time for the dogs.

Ty acted like it didn't matter to him a bit what happened to the dogs. Jack frowned a little and said, "But, Ike and Mamie are our dogs." I again went over how the dogs would be happier at the new house. Jack didn't say anything else about it.

Last night, driving home from dinner, Jack said, "I want to go back out to the country to the grandma and grandpa's house." I replied, "Oh [sad pause while thinking of how to respond to this], do you want to go visit Ike and Mamie?" Jack: "No, I want to go play in their backyard with all the toys."
--I think the boys will be fine.

Emily, my older, wiser sister, told me to make sure the boys know that I'm not going to give them away too. I told her either that OR I could use it as leverage: "One more word out of you and I'll put you on craigslist too!"


Friday, August 13, 2010

My Inheritance in the Saints

"The gospel is not just a message of reconciliation with God, but it also heralds the reconciliation of all believers to one another in Christ. Through the death of Christ, God has brought peace where there was once hostility, and He has broken down the racial, economic, and social barriers that once divided us outside of Christ.

Also, when God saved us, He made us members of His household, and He gave us as gifts to one another. Each brother and sister is a portion of my gospel inheritance from God, and I am a portion of their inheritance as well. We are significant players in each other's gospel narrative, and it is in relationship with one another that we experience the fullness of God in Christ.

Hence, the more I comprehend the full scope of the gospel, the more I value the church for which Christ died, and the more I value the role I play in the lives of my fellow Christians, and the more I appreciate the role that they must be allowed to play in mine. "

From: A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincet

I'm loving this book! My good friend, Amanda, gave me her copy. I love it when we love each other enough to invest in their spiritual growth. Thanks Amanda! I've been blessed the book almost as much as I was the fact you gave it to me.

If you want a copy, buy one from Readalike.com and while you're at it, you'll be supporting the spiritual growth of my brother-in-law!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet boys and their Mema

photos by Jill Hudson

I got to thinking...
I need to make sure I convey that I think the "Sweet boys" have a sweet Mema. It was so wonderful watching Jack and Ty fall in love again with their grandma. And why not? She came to visit and for over a week gave them everything they needed --including boundries. Her energy was endless... I've got to get on whatever she is taking. She read book after book, took them to the park many times, held and loved on Austin.
It was such a blessing for me to see my boys getting all that love from her. It was also a blessing (and almost goes without saying) that I got to have another mama there helping me take care of the boys. These days I don't feel like I've been able to give them the time that they need. Even last night, I sent Ty to bed with, what I think he would consider "inadequate holding time."
Thank you "sweet" Mema. I had a wonderful time with you here and can't wait till you come visit again.
Jack came downstairs a couple days after Mema had gone home: "I miss Mema, I want her to come back and stay the night again."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Readalike UPDATE!

Not sure if I've told yall this, but the link on the right side of my blog goes to a site called:


I know the guy who created the site!!! (and he's related to me)

The site is designed to help you pick out your next book. You enter your favorite books, rate them and based on your ratings it picks books that you will be interested in. It's good. I'm impressed. If I read more I'd be all over it. There are several titles that look very interesting to me, I'm looking forward to when my children are grown and I will then have time to read the books.

You can purchase books from amazon.com through Readalike. It is very quick and very easy. And my "relative" gets a small percentage of the sales.

BUT for the next month when you buy a book through Readalike ALL the profits will go toward ministry see below:

by the way Lawson is my new brother-in-law!

Through September 15th, all profit from books sales at Readalike.com will
be donated to Lawson Flowers to support his internship at The Austin Stone
Community Church.

What is Readalike.com?
Readalike.com is a digital library designed to help you find new books through personalized recommendations. It is free and easy to use!

Who is Lawson Flowers?
Lawson is a Christian. He loves sharing his faith with others and is pursuing an internship at The Austin Stone where he hopes to develop theologically while growing in practical ministry skills. Lawson will commit 20-30 hours a week to this internship. He leads a weekly Bible study in his home and is a full-time student at UT Austin. His wife, Caroline is in nursing school. Your support will allow Lawson to focus on his internship, marriage, and school. Lawson and Caroline appreciate your effort and support. Thank you so much for your time!

How can you support Lawson?
It's easy and
will only take a couple of minutes.
1. Register/log in to Readalike.com
2. Search for a book at Readalike.com
3. Follow the link provided to
amazon.com to purchase the book

A percentage of the Amazon sale will be paid to Readalike.com. All profit from now until September 15th will be given as a charitable contribution to Lawson Flowers through the Austin Stone Community Church.

While you are at Readalike.com, search for and rate other books you have read and get a great list of personalized book recommendations! Please come back to Readalike.com when you want a book recommendation, or would like to manage your reading list or personal library.

If you purchase your textbooks from Amazon, going through Readalike.com is a simple step you can use on each book to help support Lawson and Caroline.


The Readalike Spokesfurry

Learn more about internships at The Austin Stone Community Church