Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things my parents have taught me -Sea World

Conversation between Mike and I as we left Sea World an hour ago:

Me: "So, how do we know if we've had a successful trip? I mean, you and I would rather by lying on a beach somewhere so obviously this trip wasn't for us. Austin was hot the whole time and didn't get a good nap in all day. Jack threw up all over you and has been kind of glassy-eyed. So is it up to Ty? However Ty felt about the day, is that the measuring tool? Or is it just if we make it through the day?"

Mike: "Well, I guess if we make it through the day and no one was seriously hurt and the cops weren't called on us, then it's been a successful trip."

Me: "We did it then."
Mom and Dad, you took us to Sea World when we were little --and you actually paid the admission fee (military and 3 dependants get in free once a year).


Why go through all that trouble to go on a vacation when life is demanding enough under normal circumstances?

Right now I am typing this in our hotel room and behind me are two beds with two boys on each of them --sound asleep. I'm enjoying the quiet, the only sound being the A/C humming behind me. Ahh! This is my kind of vacation. Wasn't that ya'lls as well? Why did you take us on so many trips?

I'm guessing it's cause you wanted us to have fun memories together. You wanted us to see and experience things. You wanted us to know what to do when the van overheated and Dad wasn't around. Maybe because you liked to travel --but... you could have dropped us off at either of your parents houses as they both live in town. Then ya'll would have REALLY been able to relax and enjoy your time.

Mom and Dad, how did you gauge a successful trip?

If it was fun memories and family bonding, experiencing new places and learning roadside survival skills... then you did it.


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Anonymous said...

I loved our family vacations in the big blue van. I remember sitting in the back reading and mom and dad entertaining the little ones in the front seats. How did they do it? I can't imagine. It is hard work entertaining young children!
I will never forget the adventures. They inspire me want to take my girls on more vacations!