Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ahh sleep!

It's the perfect day for a nap.

Mike has some studying he needs to do today. So I took the kids out to a park this morning. Where they ran, slid and fed the ducks. Arriving home they ate a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly with a side of cucumbers. Both big boys could hardly stay awake at lunch. My eyes widened at the thought of this INCREDIBLE nap that awaited me. Austin hadn't had his usual long morning nap, and even if he had, no big deal he also happens to take a long afternoon nap! Perfect.

My significant other sweetly cleaned up the lunch mess while I took a quick shower (my phone fell in the lake when we were feeding the ducks and I had to wade in the nasty water to fish it out). Next I got the big boys all read to and sound asleep in their beds.

Saaawwwwweet!! Nap time!

But no...

No, no, no.

After trying for over an hour to get Austie to sleep, trying every sleep position he uses, nothing. I gave up and thought he could maybe just chill next to me while I slept. After drifting off to sleep two or three times (only to be woken up immediately) I gave up and came down stairs to let him play.

What's a mom to do when you've got this looking up at you?

15 minutes later, before I'm even done typing this:

Little punk...


To God be the glory... said...

Did you put your phone in rice? It helps dry it out and may save it for awhile.

Laura Selph said...

oh man I could copy and paste this post onto my blog! Kate always does that.