Friday, August 6, 2010

Readalike UPDATE!

Not sure if I've told yall this, but the link on the right side of my blog goes to a site called:

I know the guy who created the site!!! (and he's related to me)

The site is designed to help you pick out your next book. You enter your favorite books, rate them and based on your ratings it picks books that you will be interested in. It's good. I'm impressed. If I read more I'd be all over it. There are several titles that look very interesting to me, I'm looking forward to when my children are grown and I will then have time to read the books.

You can purchase books from through Readalike. It is very quick and very easy. And my "relative" gets a small percentage of the sales.

BUT for the next month when you buy a book through Readalike ALL the profits will go toward ministry see below:

by the way Lawson is my new brother-in-law!

Through September 15th, all profit from books sales at will
be donated to Lawson Flowers to support his internship at The Austin Stone
Community Church.

What is is a digital library designed to help you find new books through personalized recommendations. It is free and easy to use!

Who is Lawson Flowers?
Lawson is a Christian. He loves sharing his faith with others and is pursuing an internship at The Austin Stone where he hopes to develop theologically while growing in practical ministry skills. Lawson will commit 20-30 hours a week to this internship. He leads a weekly Bible study in his home and is a full-time student at UT Austin. His wife, Caroline is in nursing school. Your support will allow Lawson to focus on his internship, marriage, and school. Lawson and Caroline appreciate your effort and support. Thank you so much for your time!

How can you support Lawson?
It's easy and
will only take a couple of minutes.
1. Register/log in to
2. Search for a book at
3. Follow the link provided to to purchase the book

A percentage of the Amazon sale will be paid to All profit from now until September 15th will be given as a charitable contribution to Lawson Flowers through the Austin Stone Community Church.

While you are at, search for and rate other books you have read and get a great list of personalized book recommendations! Please come back to when you want a book recommendation, or would like to manage your reading list or personal library.

If you purchase your textbooks from Amazon, going through is a simple step you can use on each book to help support Lawson and Caroline.


The Readalike Spokesfurry

Learn more about internships at The Austin Stone Community Church

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