Friday, August 13, 2010

My Inheritance in the Saints

"The gospel is not just a message of reconciliation with God, but it also heralds the reconciliation of all believers to one another in Christ. Through the death of Christ, God has brought peace where there was once hostility, and He has broken down the racial, economic, and social barriers that once divided us outside of Christ.

Also, when God saved us, He made us members of His household, and He gave us as gifts to one another. Each brother and sister is a portion of my gospel inheritance from God, and I am a portion of their inheritance as well. We are significant players in each other's gospel narrative, and it is in relationship with one another that we experience the fullness of God in Christ.

Hence, the more I comprehend the full scope of the gospel, the more I value the church for which Christ died, and the more I value the role I play in the lives of my fellow Christians, and the more I appreciate the role that they must be allowed to play in mine. "

From: A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincet

I'm loving this book! My good friend, Amanda, gave me her copy. I love it when we love each other enough to invest in their spiritual growth. Thanks Amanda! I've been blessed the book almost as much as I was the fact you gave it to me.

If you want a copy, buy one from and while you're at it, you'll be supporting the spiritual growth of my brother-in-law!

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Amanda said...

I loved that section of the book!! So glad it has been a blessing to you! Love you.