Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I never thought I'd hear my self say


"Ty, do not do the washing machine on the stairs."

"Ty, don't do it. You could fa...."

"Do you see why you are not supposed to do the washing machine on the stairs? It's dangerous."

"Now go all the way upstairs before you do it again."



"Ok Ty, now you can do the washing machine."

**washing machine is this dance that the boys taught us tonight. Arms in front of the body, bent at a 90 degree angle. Hands made into fists. Rotate torso at the waist. Possibly from Veggie tales??? Anyone know where they picked this up?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yes, I know...

it has been weeks since I have posted.


And I am not getting on here tonight to type something awesome. Nope. Just to apologize. Sorry you have come here and there is nothing new. Mike, as most of you know, is in Little Rock still. Should be back home this weekend.

I'm so glad.

Jack and Ty are so glad.

You should all be so glad, because: Mike said that he misses the blog when I don't put anything on it and when he gets home we are going to make time for me to get on here and be funny.

And. I've decided that I am going to start doing punctuation my way. I'm going to toss out most of what Mrs. Greiner taught me all through high school and write like I'm thinking. If my brain stops mid sentence, then I will put a period before the thought is complete. It will look. Sort of. Like that. If it is too hard to follow, give me some feedback and I'll consider going back to using standard grammatical rules.

Tonight I'm feeling a little bit ornery. I had to look that word up to spell it and I had no idea it started with an "o" not an "a". Huh. Still looks weird.

Jack, I think, just turned 15. He's been speaking ugly to me. He has this aggression or rebellion or something inside him that comes out at all the wrong times. He'll be walking by Ty and stick his arm out to close line him, for no reason. I'll ask him something and this deep (as deep as a three-year-old can muster) voice growls at me "Yes, 'MAM!!!"

Excuse me?

The other day Ty was sitting on the floor in front of him, Jack was in a chair, and Jack kicked him in the back. I don't think he knew why he did it.

What do I do with this?

I know, I've been doing the same thing I normally do for disobedience, but it doesn't seem to make any difference in the behavior of this wild man.

Maybe it's just me. I've been a little on-edge the last 3 weeks or so.

I'm not crazy, I'm pregnant.

Yes, we're excited. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with my two wild boys at home. And Ty? Ty is my favorite age: 18-24 months. He's sweet. Come January, a two-year-old will replace my sweet Ty. Then what? Then I will have a 3 year old and a 2 year old and be 4 months pregnant.

Lord help me!

What have I done.

Good news. Mike will be here. (maybe)

I'm on the last 48 hours of Mike's 6 weeks of training in Arkansas, and going a tad crazy. Talk to me next week and I'll sound normal again. I'll be thrilled about having another little one on the way and my boys will once again be sweet and my man will be here taking care of things.

Aren't you glad men don't get emotional like women? I AM.

I don't think I could handle living with someone as nuts as me. And! Imagine if we were both hormonal at the same time! The divorce rate in America would quadruple.

One of my favorite things about Mike is his stability.

So.. to recap... I'm pregnant. (Not exactly the way I thought I would announce it, but ya know.)
Mike will be home soon and the blog will get updated more frequently.

Pretty good for not posting tonight.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hide and Seek

We are back and moved in at the camp house. Jack fondly nicknamed Mike's temporary living quarters, "The Camp House" when we were here three weeks ago. I decided to go with it instead of calling it "Dad's house" or "The house that Daddy is temporarily living in while he does his work in Arkansas." The former seemed like it could be confused in the little boys' minds as a permanent separation, and the latter was too many words.

We did not bring any toys with us this time except for the two Buzz Lightyear action figures (dolls) we got at a garage sale last week. On the way out of town we acquired two plastic beakers with our kids meals from Chickfila. That's it. That's all we came up with.

We left Lego's and a toy construction set with Mike so we have that. Jack wasn't treating the toys well this morning and had them taken away from him. So... that leaves us with either TV or creative play.

Here we are playing hide and seek. Mike was hiding (sort of) we were seeking.

We are about to head out to the library on base, then home to read books, lunch, nap and then out to dinner and a football game. We are going to watch Pulaski Academy's homecoming and Coach Kevin Kelley -the coach who never punts.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK here it is... the big news.

You can go to Wendy's buy a coupon book that contains 10 coupons for free Jr. Frosties.
The Jr. Frosty is 6 ounces. The perfect amount of ice cream for the American.
We don't need any more than that!
How much does the coupon book cost?
One Dollar.
So... here's what I'm saying. You can have a frosty every day for a month. What should you budget?
A frosty every day for a year (at this rate) will be only $36
For $1 you can mail a coupon book to a family and the could have two ice cream nights on you.
Or... The entire Hutchins family -counting the married-in ones and the babies could go out for Frosties for: $2.10
Uncle Robert, are you hearing this??? Two dollars and ten cents to be an even bigger hero than you already are.
(I hope I counted that correctly.)
So... go to Wendy's. Hand them a dollar. Take home a coupon book and for ten cents a piece go out between now and Feb. 1st and eat Frosties.
Stocking stuffers
Trick or treaters
Awards at school
Payment for babysitters
Cheap dates
Let me hear your other awesome ideas with ways to bless people with ice cream. Post comments here.