Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK here it is... the big news.

You can go to Wendy's buy a coupon book that contains 10 coupons for free Jr. Frosties.
The Jr. Frosty is 6 ounces. The perfect amount of ice cream for the American.
We don't need any more than that!
How much does the coupon book cost?
One Dollar.
So... here's what I'm saying. You can have a frosty every day for a month. What should you budget?
A frosty every day for a year (at this rate) will be only $36
For $1 you can mail a coupon book to a family and the could have two ice cream nights on you.
Or... The entire Hutchins family -counting the married-in ones and the babies could go out for Frosties for: $2.10
Uncle Robert, are you hearing this??? Two dollars and ten cents to be an even bigger hero than you already are.
(I hope I counted that correctly.)
So... go to Wendy's. Hand them a dollar. Take home a coupon book and for ten cents a piece go out between now and Feb. 1st and eat Frosties.
Stocking stuffers
Trick or treaters
Awards at school
Payment for babysitters
Cheap dates
Let me hear your other awesome ideas with ways to bless people with ice cream. Post comments here.


Anonymous said...

Frosties?? This is the big news??
I'll have to return those fru-fru little booties then...........

Lawson said...

Remind me never to babysit for you, cheapo.


Anonymous said...

So Analiese and I both went to Wendys today to stock up on these handy-dandy little books that hold so much joy in them and geuss what? No books at Wendys. Not one. For either of us. When asked when they would have more coupon books, they said not until November. When I questioned further (hey, I WANTED those coupons) and described what coupon book I was looking for, the guy looked at me like I was n.u..t.s and said that he had neeeever heard of that coupon book.
I want to know.
Are you making fools out of us all?
Sarah H.

grace said...

whoa, JUNIOR frosties. seriously becca, those things are tiny. once i got a jr. shake from whataburger and was so bummed, had no idea it was only a spoonful. that's definitely not the perfect amount of ice cream.

ha ha ;)