Sunday, November 29, 2009

Potty Training?

Apparently we are potty training.

The one year old.

Ty's been intrigued with Jack's ability to pee on command. He's been known to stand beside Jack at the toilet and watch. That's not weird is it? The kids got to learn about this sort of thing right?
Then he started pulling up his shirt and looking at his belly.
Next in his broken English, he'd say: "Go potty, go potty Mommy."
So we'd put him up to the toilet like Jack (He's stand on my feet in order to reach) and he'd just grunt and push... sometimes he'd pass gas. --That was really funny.
Then one day, a few drips came out.
Today, on the way home from Greenville, he told us he needed to go potty. We told him to go ahead and go in his diaper. We were on the road and didn't want to stop. He kept whining and telling us he needed to go pee-pee. Jack had to go too, so we pulled the car off the road. Mike and I exit the vehicle. Door simultaneously slide open. Out come the boys, we line 'em up on the side of the road. Mike has Jack, I have Ty. Jack does his business. Ty farts. Then, get this. He goes... and goes... he really had held it. His diaper was dry! This was a for real attempt at bladder control.
I have no choice but to go with it.
I'll keep letting him think this is his idea and won't push it at all. I've got a feeling that he might decide to rebel after the new baby gets here. So I'm not going to let him think I care about where he does his business. Cause if I don't care why would he poop his pants to get back at me?
I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Happy Birthday Dear Chrissy, Happy Birthday to you!!!"

Words are not necessary to express how deeply we feel about Chrissy.

A-typical trip to the grocery store

He was being sweet.
Sitting on his knees in the shopping basket.
Not sneaking grapes.
Not squashing my tomatoes.
Not standing up.
Not whining.
It was a moment that is so rare, I took a picture of it.
I wanted to remember it.
So when I'm old, I will look back on my blog and wish the boys were this age again. I'll wonder where the years went. I'll think about all those perfect shopping trips to the Commissary. The little boys that filled my cart and left little room for groceries. The free coffee that looked so good, but made it impossible to continue shopping till that little cup was gone. Those are the things I'll remember.
Only because.
I'm not going to write about the rest of it.
I plan on being one of those "old moms" one day. The ones who look at young moms who are accompanied by a screaming baby and toddlers running rampant. I will smile lovingly at the "sweet children" then look up to the mother and tell her: "I remember when mine where that age. Enjoy them cause it passes so quickly." Then she will look at me with those tired eyes and force a smile. All the while thinking, "humph... doesn't seem like it could go much slower."
I'll honestly not remember. After 3+ kids, I can't remember much anyway. But I will erase all the memories of rough trips to the store, poop exploding everywhere, and boys who just want to be ugly to each other.
Cause I just won't write about it...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cubbies Thankfulness List

I hope you can see this well enough to make out the words. Jack's class at church put together a list of the things they are thankful for this year. On the left is a name and on the right is the thing each person is thankful for.

Thanks Amanda for sending this home for us to enjoy.

(Jack is "Jack" not "Jackson" on this list)

It's good to have a dad around

I'm in the kitchen making supper. This is what I hear:

(Mike --deep tone in his voice)


Come here. I need to tell you something very important.

Do not put toys on your brother and then try to walk on them."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I like about you!

Dustin Jenkins

First time EVER a guy is featured on "What I like about you."

I sort of have a policy that I don't speak highly of men other than my husband. But I've let Mike proof this before it was published and he has given me the OK.

So the question that is on everyone's minds:

Why Dustin? What has he done to deserve this small honor on Becca's blog?

No small feat has earned him this post. As some of you know, Mike is out of town again this week. I had planned --for about two months now, to go on an overnight retreat with the ladies from our church. In fact, I was on the team that was organizing it. (I ended up doing very minimal work, as Mike's schedule didn't allow me to participate more.) The retreat was Friday night - Saturday afternoon. Mike was slated to return home Sunday.

The retreat was out. Mike tried hard to arrange things with his schedule so that I could go, but with the shortage of Navs in the squadron, it just wasn't possible.


Dustin offered to watch the boys, so I could go.

What a guy.

We bought him Lego's.

Nothing says thank you to Dusin better than Lego's. Well, maybe a new TV or a truck payment or some night-vision goggles...

But could any of those things really express enough thanks to a man who is willing to give up his weekend... to spend with two preschoolers, two toy poodles and two Westies?


Who does that?

I mean sure, we have trains and cool matchbox cars, but there's no way that can compensate for the stinky diaper, wiping Jack's rear, cleaning out eye boogers, making breakfast, lunch, cleaning up toys, reading books, swatting flys, looking for toothbrushes, putting on PJs and waking up to a loud voice saying: "AWAKE Mommy, I AWAKE!"

All for kids that aren't your own.

After Dustin left Jack spelled out "D-U-S-T" with the fridge magnets and called it Dustin. Ty picked up my phone and said, "Ha-Woa! Ha-Woa Dutin!"

Dustin, thanks for loving my boys. Thanks for serving Mike and me. Thanks for not allowing Jack to bully Ty. And thanks for not leaving the house a wreck.

Jesus Blesses the Children

was the title to a story I read the boys tonight before bed.
It is about Jesus allowing the little children to come to him.
Here are some lines from the book.
Wait. Can I do that? Am I allowed to copy paragraphs of someone else's work and put them up on my blog? Hmm.. I figure as long as I give them credit. I'll just cite it.
Ok. The title pages has this on it:
ARCH Books
Copyright 1996 Concordia Publishing House
3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118-3968
Manufactured in Colombia

Now that that is out of the way.

Here is what some of the lines are:

To His disciples Jesus said,
"Do not get in their way.
Let the children come to Me.
I tell you, let them stay."

When Jesus spoke those caring words,
The little children stayed,
Then went to Jesus, full of trust --
They weren't a bit afraid.

When Jesus took them in his arms,
He patted them and smiled,
Then lovingly He blessed them as
He prayed for each young child.

What would you say to Jesus if
He came to visit you?
Would you smile and welcome Him
And say, "How do you do?"

Now if you really knew He was
The Lord to whom you pray,
I'm sure you'd thank Him for the things
He gives you every day--

Like sun and rain to make plants grow
And loving folks who care;
For food and clothes and cuddly pets
And friends who say, "Let's share!"

We finish reading the book.

I turn to Jack and ask him, "Jack, what would you say to Jesus if he came to our house?"

Jack thought for a second, takes a breath like he is about to answer my question, then releases it without any words coming out. He's staring down at some books so I ask him again.

"If Jesus came to see you, what would you say?"

He finally answers. "I'd say, 'It's good to see you.'"

"What else would you say?"

"I'd say, 'It's REALLY good to see you.'"

"Ok, that's good, but what else would you say?"

"I'd say, 'It's GREAT to see you.'"

I told him that was good. At least he's learning some manners. He was still thinking about the question a second later and told me that he'd say: "It is good to meet you" to Jesus.

Jack's thoughtfulness was probably not an uncommon response.

It's not an easy question to answer. It's one that should be very seriously considered.

Rev. 3:20 says:
"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."

What would you say to Jesus if He came to visit you?

Monday, November 9, 2009


I've got a lot to say.

I've got lots of people I need to respond to.

Yes, Lawson, I do remember when I used to post on here.

Mema, the pictures are coming. Soon. I got out of bed a few minutes ago (and yes I was comfortable and ready for sleep... regardless if it is not yet 8 o'clock) because I promised I would try to get Halloween pictures up.

Thank you to all who have congratulated us on the pregnancy.
And I know I sounded a little bit overwhelmed on the post where I told ya'll I was pregnant. I was. I'm better. Today I got to see the little one for the first time. I'll admit, this one's a little funny looking. But I'm sure he/she will grow some hands and feet, and I think the hunchback will disappear.

Here is what we learned from the sonogram:

I am 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Ten weeks. Know what that means? It means that I'm 1/4 of the way through with the pregnancy. Sounds too easy doesn't it?

We now have an official due date: June 6, 2010

Baby is 34 mm long from head to rump. (1.33 inches)

Heart was beating. This is good because I've had a sonogram that was as cool as could be, you could see the spine, the brain, lungs, arms, legs, chest, head... but no heartbeat. At that point I didn't know we were looking for a heartbeat so I got to enjoy and be amazed when seeing the little baby.

Heart rate: 170. I asked if it was a boy heart rate or a girl. The tech said that this early both sexes had fast heart rates. We'd have to wait to get a good guess on that one.

So the last few weeks? What's going on you say?


This baby has been by far the most difficult first trimester. I've been nauseated and exhausted. That's why I haven't made it up here to the computer. The boys have been living off of empty carbs and PBS kids. I've felt like a neglectful mom. The couch has been my friend. As of a few days ago 3/4 of our family wear blue jeans with an elastic waist. Hot cars make me want to vomit so does water. I've lost 3 pounds...of muscle. It was quickly replaced with 2 pounds of fat. I wake up 3 times a night, at least. I can smell feet from three doors down. Last night my kids ate TV dinners for the first time in their life. They liked it. Ty's hair is getting really long. It hasn't been cut since I shaved his head this summer. My front yard hasn't been mowed in 3 or 4 weeks. Mike is gone again to Little Rock, this time it's just a week. We'll see him Sunday.

I'm going to load the pictures now. Just as promised. And then hit the sack. I'm tired and my stomach hurts a little.

We spent Halloween weekend in College Station, TX watching the Aggies beat up on Iowa State.(whoooop!)

Chrissy (my sister) came with us and we hung out with my friend Amanda almost the whole time we were there. Halloween night we all got to spend time at a fun party. We met up there with Shannan and Chris -Chris was our deacon when we went to church at Living Hope. Shannon is in one of the pictures dressed as the cat in the hat. It was a fun weekend. I want to publicly thank Chrissy and Amanda for taking the boys when I wasn't feeling well and for watching them while Mike and I went on a date. You two are incredible servants and I'm so blessed by both of you. You are really two of the most kind and thoughtful people I know.
Now, I'm going to bed.