Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I like about you!

Dustin Jenkins

First time EVER a guy is featured on "What I like about you."

I sort of have a policy that I don't speak highly of men other than my husband. But I've let Mike proof this before it was published and he has given me the OK.

So the question that is on everyone's minds:

Why Dustin? What has he done to deserve this small honor on Becca's blog?

No small feat has earned him this post. As some of you know, Mike is out of town again this week. I had planned --for about two months now, to go on an overnight retreat with the ladies from our church. In fact, I was on the team that was organizing it. (I ended up doing very minimal work, as Mike's schedule didn't allow me to participate more.) The retreat was Friday night - Saturday afternoon. Mike was slated to return home Sunday.

The retreat was out. Mike tried hard to arrange things with his schedule so that I could go, but with the shortage of Navs in the squadron, it just wasn't possible.


Dustin offered to watch the boys, so I could go.

What a guy.

We bought him Lego's.

Nothing says thank you to Dusin better than Lego's. Well, maybe a new TV or a truck payment or some night-vision goggles...

But could any of those things really express enough thanks to a man who is willing to give up his weekend... to spend with two preschoolers, two toy poodles and two Westies?


Who does that?

I mean sure, we have trains and cool matchbox cars, but there's no way that can compensate for the stinky diaper, wiping Jack's rear, cleaning out eye boogers, making breakfast, lunch, cleaning up toys, reading books, swatting flys, looking for toothbrushes, putting on PJs and waking up to a loud voice saying: "AWAKE Mommy, I AWAKE!"

All for kids that aren't your own.

After Dustin left Jack spelled out "D-U-S-T" with the fridge magnets and called it Dustin. Ty picked up my phone and said, "Ha-Woa! Ha-Woa Dutin!"

Dustin, thanks for loving my boys. Thanks for serving Mike and me. Thanks for not allowing Jack to bully Ty. And thanks for not leaving the house a wreck.


The Jenkins said...

I am so thankful you spoke highly of my husband, he deserves it:) Besides watching the boys he just did the dishes and THAT is awesome to me. We love Mike, You, Jack and Ty. We are so glad you all are in our lives, "Dust" has a cheesy grin on his face after reading this. He loves your boys...and their toys :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet him next week! :)

Anonymous said...

^Love, Laura:)