Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't be expecting much... or do be expecting much

I have heard the sight of her can be quite shocking to a man returning from the desert*

the pregnant wife --who was much smaller when he left.

Even though they expected the wife to grow, the dramatic change from one meeting to the next can throw them for a loop. I have posted a very few pictures of myself on the blog (which is the only way for Mike to see me) and the ones I did post weren't all that flattering. I did email him a single picture of my belly just to help him get an idea of what he was coming home to. Unfortunately that email was sent out a month or two ago.

So I have given him a verbal description of how #3 and I are growing.

I told him to imagine this:

This way he won't be expecting much and hopefully won't be grossed out by my figure upon his return.

*Thanks to all my friends who helped me learn the correct spelling of the word "desert"

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love chalk.

I think it began back when I was pregnant with Jack.

It's actually a psychological disorder.

I taught school. I was a math teacher --I'm not kidding but we'll save that story for another day. There was a chalk board in my classroom. I'd look at that chalk and think... "I wonder what chalk tastes like?" and "That looks pretty good."

I resisted the urge to consume chalk, only because it's weird to eat chalk --unless you are a two-year-old.


It's real. It's when you crave non-food items, assumed to be the result of some sort of vitamin deficiency.

About a month ago, it started to come back (my desire to eat chalk). I thought, "why not?" I've wondered for years what chalk tastes like. I got over the urge to eat it, but I've never stopped wondering what it tastes like.

It was just too much. Even after some impromptu counseling from wise women at church, I couldn't resist the 52 piece bucket of chalk. It's like putting a jar of cookies in front of a child and telling them not to eat. I decided I'd just try a tiny sliver. So, I looked to see if any of the neighbors were watching, they weren't.

I popped the beautiful piece of purple chalk into my mouth.

Finally, after 4 years, I give in, I taste the chalk.

It is gross.

Seriously? All that for this? My first thought after I began to chew was, "They could make this taste so much better." My second thought was, "I don't understand why Ty eats this stuff all the time." My third thought was, "I have got to get this out of my mouth!"

So I spit it out. What a let down.

I no longer want to eat chalk, and I've started taking additional vitamins that will help any sort of deficiency that I might have. Now I drink chlorophyll -basically liquid grass (how is this any better?) Besides many other things --like, being an "internal deodorant," it will help your body produce iron.

When you have this PICA disorder you are supposed to call your doctor immediately, but seriously, who would want to admit to your doctor that you ate chalk?

I'd much rather blog about it.

Here are some pictures of my boys responsibly playing with chalk:


It was C.

Hannah and I took advantage of the "BOGO" Blizzard sale at Dairy Queen. She couldn't eat all of hers and left it on the nightstand. Seemed like it was a pretty good amount. At least that's what it felt like as it got poured over my head and face by sweet little Ty. He didn't mean to dump it, I don't think. I'm guessing he was climbing up on the bed when it spilled.

I hate to put all the blame on Ty. We will also blame the new kid. He's why I'm craving ice cream.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a way to start the day!

This morning I was awakened by:

A. The smell of fresh made coffee and the bird's songs as they driffed in through the open window

B. A sweet little boy kissing me on the cheek saying, "Goodmorning Mommy, it's going to be a beautiful day."

C. Melted ice cream being poured on my head

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Heart Mike

Sometimes I express myself artistically.

Jack does the same.

This is one of five times he wrote it.

Can't say it enough I guess :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Uncle Stanley... You are just too much.

FedEx stops in front of my house and sure enough, walks to our door. The man hands me two packages, one addressed to Ty one to Jack.

I know the best thing about sending a child a gift in the mail is to imagine their reaction --their joy, to receiving a package. Stan, I wanted you to get to see the reaction, so I videoed Ty opening his. Jack was in the garage playing hide and seek with the neighbors so he opened his later. He liked it, but you can't see much of him on the video, (the neighbor kids were as excited as Jack was about his mail.) In fact, two of them ran home to check their own mailboxes in hopes that they too got a package from Uncle Stan.

See video:

Now see here:

Now if you are interested in seeing more, here is Jack opening his:

(I love watching Ty through all this!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You're fat!

A Monologue by Jack:

[Jack standing on the stairs in front of me as we were trying to go upstairs. He turns around and looks straight into my belly]


You're fat.

Your belly is fat.

There's a baby in

It makes you FAT!

[lifts my shirt to expose belly skin]

Look Mommy, you're fat.

[gently places both hands on my stomach]

It is so fat.

Your belly is fat.

[pauses, still can't believe it's so fat, slowly leans over and rests his head on my belly]

There's a baby in there."

"Jack do you love our new baby?"

"Yes, it's in your tummy. It's making you fat.

It's getting BIIIGGGG!

That's why you are so fat.

[turns to walk up the stairs after some prodding from me. Takes several steps then turns around (still amazed)]

Mommy, you're fat.

You are so fat.

Your belly is very very fat.

[continues up the stairs and on with life]

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Laura's post was just because she was upset with me for not writing on my blog in a long time. Apparently she checks my site twice a day... sorry!

I haven't had much of anything intelligent to say, so I haven't bothered you folks. So, to make it up to those of you who still check this site out, I've got a link to send you to.

It's my newly unemployed brother-in-law's site. He's trying entrepreneurship. So far it's going well. Check out his progress if you want. He's a funny guy. I would never send you to a blog that wasn't funny unless it had incredibly important information.

So go check it out.

Grandparents, I've got some pictures of the kids to post soon (in a few days). Stay posted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sister, Sister... Never, Ever a such devoted sister :)

Hey guys! This is Laura (Becca's littlest sister)

I just want to take this moment to tell ya'll a little bit of how great Becca really is.
Becca is the type of person that LOVES helping people. Every opportunity she has, she is either baking people bread, babysitting others' children, or being the girl's AWANA director at her church. Oh, and did I mention she does all these things (and more) while being pregnant, having two little boys and having a husband overseas fighting for our freedom?!

She is simply amazing.

Becca has been a BIG part in my life. She is the one that taught me a bunch of the things I know today... whenever I was 2ish (maybe 3), she was already teaching me all the states and their capitals! She did all sorts of things like that... all the time. She is the one person that I could always count on to play a game with me or go play outside ;)

Becca always gives me the "best" gifts ever... or as some people would say the most "strange" gifts ever. But every year, I cannot wait to open up my present from her and see what else she found for me this time! She has given all sorts of things like, a can crusher, an egg beater, an ALL expense paid trip to a diamond farm, a sausage kit, a TEXAS book and other things similar to those! She actually takes the time to think about what I would like... and the thing is, she is always right, no matter what she gives me I love it!

She is so smart, athletic, giving, considerate, beautiful and so much more. I strive everyday to be just like her!

I love you, Becca! :)