Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't be expecting much... or do be expecting much

I have heard the sight of her can be quite shocking to a man returning from the desert*

the pregnant wife --who was much smaller when he left.

Even though they expected the wife to grow, the dramatic change from one meeting to the next can throw them for a loop. I have posted a very few pictures of myself on the blog (which is the only way for Mike to see me) and the ones I did post weren't all that flattering. I did email him a single picture of my belly just to help him get an idea of what he was coming home to. Unfortunately that email was sent out a month or two ago.

So I have given him a verbal description of how #3 and I are growing.

I told him to imagine this:

This way he won't be expecting much and hopefully won't be grossed out by my figure upon his return.

*Thanks to all my friends who helped me learn the correct spelling of the word "desert"


Anonymous said...

You are so funny!
I can see his puzzled face now - wondering why you would think that..

To God be the glory... said...

I saw you from a distance Wednesday night and I thought you were finally beginning to show. You looked adorable in your AWANA shirt.