Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sister, Sister... Never, Ever a such devoted sister :)

Hey guys! This is Laura (Becca's littlest sister)

I just want to take this moment to tell ya'll a little bit of how great Becca really is.
Becca is the type of person that LOVES helping people. Every opportunity she has, she is either baking people bread, babysitting others' children, or being the girl's AWANA director at her church. Oh, and did I mention she does all these things (and more) while being pregnant, having two little boys and having a husband overseas fighting for our freedom?!

She is simply amazing.

Becca has been a BIG part in my life. She is the one that taught me a bunch of the things I know today... whenever I was 2ish (maybe 3), she was already teaching me all the states and their capitals! She did all sorts of things like that... all the time. She is the one person that I could always count on to play a game with me or go play outside ;)

Becca always gives me the "best" gifts ever... or as some people would say the most "strange" gifts ever. But every year, I cannot wait to open up my present from her and see what else she found for me this time! She has given all sorts of things like, a can crusher, an egg beater, an ALL expense paid trip to a diamond farm, a sausage kit, a TEXAS book and other things similar to those! She actually takes the time to think about what I would like... and the thing is, she is always right, no matter what she gives me I love it!

She is so smart, athletic, giving, considerate, beautiful and so much more. I strive everyday to be just like her!

I love you, Becca! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Laura for adding to this blog!

We are all blessed to have Becca in our lives
Happy Easter


The Jenkins said...

Everything you said is so true. BECCA IS AWESOME!!!

To God be the glory... said...

thumbs up!

Caroline said...

girl, how did you swipe the blog from Becca long enough to write all this? way to go!

and, you are right...

Becca you are the best! A true image of how we are supposed to be servant hearted. I love you. ;)