Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love chalk.

I think it began back when I was pregnant with Jack.

It's actually a psychological disorder.

I taught school. I was a math teacher --I'm not kidding but we'll save that story for another day. There was a chalk board in my classroom. I'd look at that chalk and think... "I wonder what chalk tastes like?" and "That looks pretty good."

I resisted the urge to consume chalk, only because it's weird to eat chalk --unless you are a two-year-old.


It's real. It's when you crave non-food items, assumed to be the result of some sort of vitamin deficiency.

About a month ago, it started to come back (my desire to eat chalk). I thought, "why not?" I've wondered for years what chalk tastes like. I got over the urge to eat it, but I've never stopped wondering what it tastes like.

It was just too much. Even after some impromptu counseling from wise women at church, I couldn't resist the 52 piece bucket of chalk. It's like putting a jar of cookies in front of a child and telling them not to eat. I decided I'd just try a tiny sliver. So, I looked to see if any of the neighbors were watching, they weren't.

I popped the beautiful piece of purple chalk into my mouth.

Finally, after 4 years, I give in, I taste the chalk.

It is gross.

Seriously? All that for this? My first thought after I began to chew was, "They could make this taste so much better." My second thought was, "I don't understand why Ty eats this stuff all the time." My third thought was, "I have got to get this out of my mouth!"

So I spit it out. What a let down.

I no longer want to eat chalk, and I've started taking additional vitamins that will help any sort of deficiency that I might have. Now I drink chlorophyll -basically liquid grass (how is this any better?) Besides many other things --like, being an "internal deodorant," it will help your body produce iron.

When you have this PICA disorder you are supposed to call your doctor immediately, but seriously, who would want to admit to your doctor that you ate chalk?

I'd much rather blog about it.

Here are some pictures of my boys responsibly playing with chalk:


Anonymous said...

As crazy as I first thought you were for wanting to eat chalk, now I feel really, really bad that the taste was a dissapointment to you. :(
Sorry, Becca....hope the vitamins help!
Sarah H.

Chris said...

I am a therapist and work with clients who have a wide variety of psychological disorders, including pica. Let me know if you would like a consult.

Anissa said...

Hopefully chalk cravings are not hereditary... Jack, Ty, and #3 might have "sympathy Pica" when their wives are expecting!!