Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Uncle Stanley... You are just too much.

FedEx stops in front of my house and sure enough, walks to our door. The man hands me two packages, one addressed to Ty one to Jack.

I know the best thing about sending a child a gift in the mail is to imagine their reaction --their joy, to receiving a package. Stan, I wanted you to get to see the reaction, so I videoed Ty opening his. Jack was in the garage playing hide and seek with the neighbors so he opened his later. He liked it, but you can't see much of him on the video, (the neighbor kids were as excited as Jack was about his mail.) In fact, two of them ran home to check their own mailboxes in hopes that they too got a package from Uncle Stan.

See video:

Now see here:

Now if you are interested in seeing more, here is Jack opening his:

(I love watching Ty through all this!)


Stan said...

Thanks for putting these up Bec! I couldn't stop laughing with all of Ty's reactions. In fact, i am still laughing about it. Did the lizard grow to be 3 feet long?


Caroline said...

a snake? yeah, to bite my legs. to bite your legs? I don't want it.

Haha!! I love it! And Ty looks so big!!

Cinda Boshart said...

Nice try, Stan :-)) Are you still laughing?

Bec, has Ty warmed up to his snake a little? I think he was calling it a rattle snake in the video. You've done a good job warning him about the dangers evidently! Good job.