Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You're fat!

A Monologue by Jack:

[Jack standing on the stairs in front of me as we were trying to go upstairs. He turns around and looks straight into my belly]


You're fat.

Your belly is fat.

There's a baby in

It makes you FAT!

[lifts my shirt to expose belly skin]

Look Mommy, you're fat.

[gently places both hands on my stomach]

It is so fat.

Your belly is fat.

[pauses, still can't believe it's so fat, slowly leans over and rests his head on my belly]

There's a baby in there."

"Jack do you love our new baby?"

"Yes, it's in your tummy. It's making you fat.

It's getting BIIIGGGG!

That's why you are so fat.

[turns to walk up the stairs after some prodding from me. Takes several steps then turns around (still amazed)]

Mommy, you're fat.

You are so fat.

Your belly is very very fat.

[continues up the stairs and on with life]


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

"I'm not fat Jack, I'm baby healthy"


Anonymous said...

Wow....he is so smooth with the ladies:)


Angela Collins said...

Nothin' like a little preschooler honesty to keep a momma humble, huh? *sigh* Oh dear. However, it could be worse -- one of my biggest fears is a similar monologue from one of my kids very loudly while in a public place, pointing to a stranger. It hasn't happened yet, but I fear that it's inevitable.

No matter what Jack says, you look GREAT, Becca! Hang in there! :)