Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A-typical trip to the grocery store

He was being sweet.
Sitting on his knees in the shopping basket.
Not sneaking grapes.
Not squashing my tomatoes.
Not standing up.
Not whining.
It was a moment that is so rare, I took a picture of it.
I wanted to remember it.
So when I'm old, I will look back on my blog and wish the boys were this age again. I'll wonder where the years went. I'll think about all those perfect shopping trips to the Commissary. The little boys that filled my cart and left little room for groceries. The free coffee that looked so good, but made it impossible to continue shopping till that little cup was gone. Those are the things I'll remember.
Only because.
I'm not going to write about the rest of it.
I plan on being one of those "old moms" one day. The ones who look at young moms who are accompanied by a screaming baby and toddlers running rampant. I will smile lovingly at the "sweet children" then look up to the mother and tell her: "I remember when mine where that age. Enjoy them cause it passes so quickly." Then she will look at me with those tired eyes and force a smile. All the while thinking, "humph... doesn't seem like it could go much slower."
I'll honestly not remember. After 3+ kids, I can't remember much anyway. But I will erase all the memories of rough trips to the store, poop exploding everywhere, and boys who just want to be ugly to each other.
Cause I just won't write about it...

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Anonymous said...

Mema would love to have that view from HER shopping cart