Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet boys and their Mema

photos by Jill Hudson

I got to thinking...
I need to make sure I convey that I think the "Sweet boys" have a sweet Mema. It was so wonderful watching Jack and Ty fall in love again with their grandma. And why not? She came to visit and for over a week gave them everything they needed --including boundries. Her energy was endless... I've got to get on whatever she is taking. She read book after book, took them to the park many times, held and loved on Austin.
It was such a blessing for me to see my boys getting all that love from her. It was also a blessing (and almost goes without saying) that I got to have another mama there helping me take care of the boys. These days I don't feel like I've been able to give them the time that they need. Even last night, I sent Ty to bed with, what I think he would consider "inadequate holding time."
Thank you "sweet" Mema. I had a wonderful time with you here and can't wait till you come visit again.
Jack came downstairs a couple days after Mema had gone home: "I miss Mema, I want her to come back and stay the night again."

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Anonymous said...

These pics are so sweet! I hope you and Mema frames them all!