Thursday, May 5, 2011


We have a reputation around our neighborhood.

Everyone has one right? Yours doesn't have to be bad, it could be good, but it's definitely something. People have an opinion of their neighbors. For example we have the quiet neighbors, the reclusive neighbors, the fun neighbors, the loud neighbors and the neighbors whose kids never wear pants.

I'm not sure but if I were to have to guess what our reputation is, I'd guess: the junky neighbors, or the psycho-gardening neighbors, or the inattentive parent neighbors, or the garage door's open all night again neighbors

Any of those would be accurate.

Apparently Ty has a reputation of his very own.

Today I was informed by a neighbor (who will remain nameless) that her husband (John) looked down at his dirty-faced daughter and said: "Hey Ty."

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To Love a Soldier... said...

Becca, I haven't read your blog in a while (things are CRAZY right now) but I am so glad I checked in on it! You gave me MANY much needed laughs!! Thanks for making me smile.