Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You know you're lazy:

...when wake up time went from your alarm going off at 5:30 AM to "Oh please let the kids sleep till 8:30!"

...when going to the pool seems like too much work.

...when you pick out food for the family based on how much clean-up the meal will require.

...when you help your big kids play their favorite game at Chuck E. Cheese and then they wander off while there is still 30% life left, so you continue to play for them.

...when you put another token in and continue the game.

...when your one-year-old falls out of his stroller because you are playing the game and not watching him.

...when nap time finally comes and the baby (of course) wakes up just as you drift off. Instead of getting up you nudge the five-year-old and say, "You wanna get up and play with him?"

...when you then say, "Check his diaper will ya? ...Oh, and he hasn't had lunch yet. Get out a box of cereal."

...when you are on the computer, your baby walks by and you get a whiff of his diaper.... and you just keep on typing.

...when you finally do stop typing and then look at the clock to see when Dad will be home to see if maybe the kid can ride it out till then. (I put ointment on the rash, he should be fine!)


Cinda Boshart said...

You are sooo honest. I'll pray for energy for you!

Brenda and Dennis said...

That's really funny, Becca.