Monday, November 7, 2011

I is smart.

Awesome. Just awesome.

No wonder no one else would let you interview them for the story.

Most moms have more since then me. "Oh, ok, sure. I'll do it."

Little did I know "We will edit this" meant: "We'll shorten the clip, but make sure we leave in anything you might say that makes you sound like an idiot."

Thanks. Thanks for that.

After getting in the car to leave, I tell Mike: "I think I made up a word during my interview. Surely they'll take it out."

Never assume... never assume.


Carolyn Scott said...

That's what hanging out in Austin will do for you! Those t-sips are always making up words! :)

Love, love, love your blog!

Katherine said...

You did fine Becca! Good Job!:)