Monday, August 13, 2012

Brady's 6 month stats

According to the nurse airman first class, Brady is:

18 lbs. 14 oz.
26.7 inches tall
has a head size of 44 cm.

All pretty much between the 50-75 percent range. 

So he's lookin' good.

He holds his head up great, flips over both ways.  Smiles all the time.  If I leave him on the floor in a room, more than likely he will be 3-5 feet away from where I put him and usually facing a totally different direction.

He loves cords.  They are his favorite toy.  His preferred cord is the one that runs along the living room wall by the TV.  It's a phone cord I think, and has lots of slack. 

Don't worry his mom hates cords and tries to preserve (read ruin) his life by keeping them away from him.

Some of the more interesting things about Brady....

He sleeps in the nursery on Sunday morning (I know!  who does this???)  And he loves it; probably because they rock him the whole time.

He flinches when his brothers come near.

He kicks his feet constantly.  I'm thinking about buying a boat and strapping him to the back where the motor should go.  We'd fly across the water. 

Brady likes to jump in his "Johnny-jump-up".  I think he's addicted.  After 30 minutes or so (that's a LONG time to be jumping.  Think about it.  Can you jump for 30 minutes straight?)  he becomes tired.  But does he stop jumping?  Nope.  He just whines and whimpers, calling for me to come get him.  I walk over and he jumps all the higher and whines all the louder.  I think he's saying:  "Help!  I can't stop myself from jumping!!!"

So I save him.

All that leg work prepared him for what came next.  The walker!  Most babies get in it and can only go backward at first.  This boy?  No.  I've never seen him go backward.  He just goes forward.  And when he goes.  He RUNS.  2032 Olympics?  You'll probably see him representing Texas, I mean the USA in the 5000 meter race.

Oh yes.  The boy is sleeping. through. the night.  You read that right.  At 5 months Brady is sleeping 12 hours.  No one hate me.  It's my first child who has done this before nine months of age.  And in case you are going to credit me with this accomplishment, let me tell you:  I had nothing to do with it.  He just started sleeping and not waking up.  That was it.  On my part there was no training nor exorbitant amounts of will power necessary.  It was all Brady.  This has propelled him to the number one slot on the favorite child competition.

In the last week or so, any time I pick the boy up he stretches his neck as far as it will go.  Trying to see what's around him.  He'll turn left, then right, then twist his body around, then look back over his shoulder.  I don't know what he's looking for.  I mean, I'm right here.  What else does he want?  I've wondered if he's not searching for something he wants, but scanning for danger.  By danger I mean brothers.  They like to... attack him.  I think it's done in love, but no matter to Brady, he interprets their hugs as choke holds.  So I guess you could say his newest trick is being aware of his surroundings.  Cool trick for a 6 month old.  Reminds me of Jason Bourne. 

This is him practicing a move:

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