Monday, March 18, 2013

Lucky to be Texan

The boys and I were talking about St. Patrick's day yesterday.  Jack had learned a little about the holiday from his teacher.  She showed them pictures of Ireland and talked about the history of the holiday.  He learned about leprechauns, pots of gold and the Irish culture.  His teacher is amazing.  we are so "lucky" (read blessed) to have her as Jack's first teacher.  During the conversation I was having with the boys, Jack recounted part of a conversation they had had at school.

When trying to explain what an "Irishman" was, the teacher said to the kids: "All of you were born in Cabot..."

Jack says: "And I raised my hand. And she says: 'Yes, Jack.'  And I said: 'I am not an... an Arkansas.... I am not from Arkansas.  I am from Texas.'"

I grin then ask him what the teacher said next.

Jack: "She said: 'Oh, sorry.'"

Nothing to be sorry about teacher.  Nothing at all --unless you meant you were sorry to accuse him of being from Arkansas.  If so, apology accepted, things like this happen.  We'll move forward from here.

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