Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa vs. Jesus

Santa vs. Jesus

The topic is hardly important enough to be an issue and yet I see it all over social networks.  Pro Santa people, vs.  No Santa people.  I hope we spend less time discussing this with our brothers and sisters and more time encouraging each other toward love and unity.  Paul's letters to the early church are plastered with the theme of unity.  Jesus said, "By this they will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." 

Love characterizes Jesus' followers --we can't forget that.

Matt Walsh has an article circulating titled "Who needs Santa when you've got Jesus?"

You can read it here  or don't if it is going to make you mad.  :-)

I want to share an excerpt from his article as I feel he makes a good point.

 Santa makes Christmas magical. If you take Santa away from your kid, you’ve taken all the fun out of the holiday.

Santa makes Christmas magical? SANTA?
Well, you know, there’s still Jesus. The Messiah. The Son of Man. Jesus Christ is better than magical. He offers something far greater than toys. He doesn’t have flying deer, but he has armies of angels. He doesn’t live in a cabin up in the North Pole, but He does live in a dimension that transcends time and space, and He invites us to join Him there in unending bliss. He doesn’t visit every house on Christmas night, but He’s always present, everywhere, all the time, because He is an omniscient deity.

In other words, Jesus is WAY cooler than Santa. This is a message that is, I think, tragically lost on many children. Let’s be honest: Christmas ain’t big enough for the both of them. Santa, the fun fictional character? Sure. Santa, the silly game of make believe? Yeah, he can join the festivities without overshadowing the Man of the Hour. But Santa, the actual real person who gives out toys made by elves? THAT Santa, being a man of considerable girth, tends to crowd Jesus out of the hearts of many kids. Yeah, Jesus is the Messiah, but Santa has TOYS. Who comes out on top in that scenario when you’re 4 years old?

Jesus is cooler than Santa: the message is tragically lost on many children.

How true it is that the allure of toys and candy can distract children from learning and understanding the most AMAZING story ever told.

May we realize the struggle in the hearts of our children and work hard to teach our children that Jesus is who we are celebrating.