Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

There are:

3 in the kitchen,
5 in the dining room,
4 around the game table working a puzzle,
3 wandering around looking for something to do,
2 upstairs taking naps,
and dad is at church borrowing the projector.

It is a typical Christmas afternoon.

Everyone is home this year.

So far it has been a success.

The tree is still standing and coffee is constantly being brewed.

The fire has refused to successfully light but Hannah isn't quitting.

Dad's home now. He walked in with a plate of goodies (thanks Carolyn S!).

The roof on the gingerbread house has split and is sliding down toward the table.

Last night Jack was asked what he wanted for Christmas he said: A sled and a hippopotamus. I told him he wasn't getting a sled for Christmas. He very contently said, "OK."

I then informed him that we couldn't have another pet in base housing. He tried to come up with a solution. I just told him to take it up with the hard-to-get-along with housing lady.

I suggested that he hope for a couple of toys.

He did.

My seat here at the table is getting a little warm and I'm getting tired of sitting up I think I'll go look for an empty couch.

Merry Christmas

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Cinda Boshart said...

I thought you were leading up to the part where the log fell out of the fire and burned the rug :-)