Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shoe update

Well, I thought I'd struck gold with my "buy Stride Rite on ebay plan."

Here is the update.

Ty's shoes came in. Turns out, I hadn't bought Stride Rite... In a moment of humility I decided to purchase cheaper shoes. No, I'll call it a "moment of pregnancy brain" cause I consider it an investment in my children's feet when I buy them shoes that fit them correctly and don't hurt their feet.

No don't everyone get all upset with me and think that I'm looking down on you for buying your kids affordable shoes. I'm not. You do what you want to do. What I'm saying is, my children don't communicate well enough with me to convey that the shoes they are wearing are rubbing them or too small or hurt or whatever. And I'm not sharp enough to look at their feet and the shoes and figure out if they are wearing the right size.

I want to be sure I'm not crushing their toes so I usually take them to a shoe store with a clerk who is paid to know whether or not the shoes hurt my children's feet... I'd say their job is not unlike that of a veterinarian. They've got to figure out the problem without the patient giving them any verbal clues as to what's wrong.


I ordered Jack a pair of Stride Rite 9.5 wide leather Velcro shoes.

Jack's shoes came in. They WERE Stride Rite. Just like I ordered. They WERE size 9.5, just like I'd ordered. They were NOT wide....

Just like I'd ordered.

That will be credited to pregnancy brain for sure!

So, the kid has been wearing thin socks, and he says they don't hurt (not that I really trust him).

He wore the shoes, which had a few little scuff marks on the toe (as advertised) for about three days.

End of day three, the leather on the toe of the right shoe was torn open. It has a whiteish line across it where he tore it open. Another week goes by, the left shoe is matching.


Either that last child was gentle on the shoes and didn't break the leather or wore them to the border of the breaking point or... Stride Rite has disappointed me by their "un Jack proof" shoe.

Right now I'm not in the market for new shoes.

Ty is toughing it out and Jack will be getting thin socks for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

um, I would just like to say....this is funny. ;)

Katie Scott