Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ty's 2nd Birthday Party


I am hoping you will be able to see all these pictures soon. I know you can't watch video and I wasn't sure if a slideshow would work, so I just posted the best 16 or so. I have more on facebook if you want to see others. We miss you, but the guys had fun anyway. Jim came with his family and he played with Ty a lot! It was great to see the boys get to wrestle. Dad's here so they are getting plenty of rough-housing in. Can't wait to talk to you on the phone!

Jack wanted a piece of cake SO bad! I think he is smiling for the camera cause he knows the cooperating will get him one step closer to cake.

Ty being all shy when he realized everyone was watching him.

He started blowing even before the candles were lit.

He huffed and he puffed and finally got them blown out.

Pointing to the piece he wants.

The kids loved the cake... that is before they tasted it. The icing didn't taste very good at all. But it wasn't supposed to really.

Playing with one of the constructions trucks from Mema and Big Dad.


Lawson said...

If you look at the picture where Ty is blowing at the candles—so is Dustin. haha.

Stan said...

haha. I noticed that also Lawson! Looks like a great party, you are such a good mom Becca!

Anonymous said...

Great Bday Party! I loved the decorations on the floor, walls & even the ceiling - very imaginative.
The cake looked awesome! You keep raising the bar on creativity

DrewandTrisha said...

I'm jealous, I want a birthday party as cool as that! Great job, I bet he loved it!

Anonymous said...

These are adorablee! He is becoming such an adorable, amazing little boy! By the way... I love the quote of the week! :)

Love you!
Laura B.

Cinda Boshart said...

It was a great party, Bec and Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Awesome race tracks!
Looks like a super fun party.