Saturday, December 18, 2010

It must have been a single guy

Seriously, who came up with the traditional poses for the members of the nativity scene?

Wasn't a woman I'll tell you that much. At least not a woman who has ever given birth to a child.

If one of us had posed the characters, there is no way Mary would be kneeling like that. She wouldn't have that peaceful relaxed smile on her face. She wouldn't have her arms up in the air as if she'd just been surprised by someone.


She'd be lying on her back, eyes half open, face puffy, mouth hanging open, almost too tired to smile. That's how she'd look.

That's probably how she did look.

Joseph? Kneeling, hand on his chest, looking down admiringly at the baby?


He wouldn't even be there. He'd be out picking up a hamburger for Mary who hadn't eaten all night. And if he happened to make it back in time for the photo shoot, he'd just be sitting there looking really tired and awkward. After a night of helping his wife deliver a baby he'd be worn out. He'd still be a little leery about what to say. --Men never know what to say when the wife's in labor. Besides Mary was probably still upset that he didn't demand they give her a room at the hotel. Joseph was prolly on thin ice.

And ya know what piece everyone leaves out?

The cup of ice chips.

I'm convinced it's impossible to deliver a baby without ice chips.

The stable?


I'm pretty sure Mary did NOT deliver her first baby in a stable with only three walls. With your first one, privacy and modesty are still very important things. Had this been Mary's second or third kid, I could maybe see it happening, but not with the first.

I think I might design and start producing "The REAL Nativity Set."

Email I'll put you on the waiting list.


Katie said...

So true. I also thought once when Chloe was a newborn, "I wonder if Baby Jesus was colicky..."

grace said...

haha. nice becca