Monday, January 3, 2011

The difference

Jack, my four-year-old, is in love with baby Austin.

Ty, two weeks from being a three-year-old, doesn't share Jack's excitement.

Jack can't wait to say good morning to Austin when he gets up. He tries to kiss him while I'm nursing --gross. Mike and I have attempted to hammer it into his head that we don't hug him when he's asleep. Sometimes in the car if Jack sees that Austin is about to drift off to sleep, Jack will shriek loudly in order to keep Austin's eyes from closing. Jack's hugs are so full of emotion that he sometimes chokes the poor baby. He swings him in the Johnny-jump-up with the same vigor.

Jack's been known to sneak into Austin's room: "Jack, are you touching Austin?" I yell from the other room. "No, I just kissing him." He will reply.


Yesterday Hannah and Ty and I were out running errands. Ty began naming family members.

"Daddy, Jack, Mommy and Tywer," He lists.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Hannah asks him.

"Daddy, Jack, Mommy and Ty," He again tells her.

"And..." Hannah prompts.

"Kelly!" Ty's response indicated he was pleased to have remembered.

"Noooo.... not Kelly, think again, who's missing."

"hmm... Daddy?"

"And who else?"






"And who's the last one?"

"hmm... Austie!"


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Mandy said...

lol... Jack has been in love with Avery since the first time he saw her, and Elijah still would give her back if he could. I probably wouldn't want to share my mommy either if I was only two, so who can blame them? :)