Monday, January 24, 2011

Bunk Beds

We decided we needed bunk beds.
So we built some.
We wanted them smaller than a twin, but bigger than a toddler bed (the crib mattress is the same dimension the toddler mattress.)

Ikea makes a special mattress size that is 10 inches longer than a crib mattress.
Just what we wanted.
We took some bunk bed plans (thanks Steve) and customized them for this specific, made-only-by-Ikea mattress.

Here's how it turned out!

The process:


Mike had a safety brief for the boys which included: proper mount and dismount, correct conduct on the bunk bed, an emphasis on anger managment, and a stern warning that the beds would become "un"bunked if they couldn't follow the rules.

Ty's enjoying it so far.

In bed (and calmed down) by 10:45.

Up by 7:30 :-)


The Kopers said...

the beds look awesome! can you come stain mine? the dark stain looks really nice.

Mandy said...

Where did you find bunk bed plans? We want to modify them for a full size bed on the bottom bunk. :)