Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten year old girls

have it right.

Boys are gross.




Don't believe it?

Then you've never sat down on the toilet in YOUR bathroom and realized the seat is wet.

You've never (while on the same toilet) looked over at your toilet paper roll and observed that it had been not-so-carefully rerolled and when you start pulling some off notice that it has already been used.

Finding TP with poop on it ... in your bathroom ...on your toilet paper roll = GROSS

Boys are born with the need to do gross things.

Even as newborns baby boys try to pee on you as soon as their diaper comes off.

Today my baby boy waited till dinner was ready and on the table before he made it known that he had dirty pants. So I change him, and eat a cold chicken fried steak.

Today I had to tell my second born to get a fork out of his nose.

The response I got after telling one of them to stop picking his nose: "But I love eating my boogers they taste yummy!"

Today I about hit the fan.

I pulled out the grocery bag (my cheap trash can liner) to find it dripping liquid back into the bottom. I look down and observe a couple ounces of "liquid."

Oh. My. Word.

Is that pee?

"Boys! Did someone pee in the trash can?"

"I did it!" was the enthusiastic response I received.

Really? Is there no shame?

No fear?

No "Oh crud, I'm in trouble..." ?

No denying it?

No painful silence?

No waiting to see if I can get away with it?


Just a little boy beaming with pride. His hand up in the air waving, "Me! I did it! Please acknowledge me! All you other dudes check me out! I'm the guy that peed in the trash can! Oh yeah!"

They are so... gross.


The Jenkins said...

I know who the booger eater is.

Katie Scott said...

Yeah, Gus wipes his snot all over the couch and living room. Ella was never as messy or gross. Why oh why are they so nasty. But at least they're still cute!

donna said...

I'm thinking Ashleigh might not want to read this anytime soon! :)

Laura said...

wow! At least for now Kate is very fastidious. She refuses to take a drink out of her cup if it has any sign of food or anything on it and freaks out if her hands are dirty. Since she still mostly eats with her hands it can get very old cleaning them off after every bite.