Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bed time toys

I couldn't locate my phone tonight (big surprise huh?)  I went up the stairs to listen while Mike called it.  I didn't hear the phone, but thought I'd drop in on the boys for a surprise visit.  I open the door to find Ty pointing a transformer's arm toward Jack while imitating 80's gun noises.  I confiscate the toy.  While discussing the value of adequate rest with Ty I hear: "Whack, whack, whack" from down below.  I bend down and take the hammer from Austin's hand.  No hammering after 7:30 for the under 3 crowd.  Next I look over at Jack who was lying peacefully in his bed.  I walk toward him, bend down and brush the hair off his face. 

"Look at him," I think, "Lying there, snuggled in, obediently resting from his full day, ready to slip off to dreamland."  They grow up so fast...  I joke with him and say: "Do you have any contraband that I need to take up?"  I knew he had no idea what I was talking about.  I mostly asked him just so I would get to use a big word. (Ya get bored of saying things like: "You want some wa-wa?" or "That's a 'no-no'" and sometimes just want to say a big word to prove to yourself that you could still do it if ever the need arose.)

But, he surprised me by softly answering: "Yes."

"What?"  I ask.

"Yes." He repeats.

"Yes what?  You DO have some contraband I need to take up?"
Jack nods.
Still surprised, I ask him what he has.
"Three cars, they are under my pillow," was his reply.
"Well, give them to me."

He handed them over.

Precious little grown-up baby boy sweetly drifting off to sleep huh?  How about con artist trying to pull the wool over his mother's eyes!

Be warned my little friend.  This Mama's on to you, and the only wool around here is going to be on the sheep you count while lying toyless in your bed.


Go to sleep.