Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keep that on your prayer list.

Learning how to express love to my children --that's one of the things I'm doing right now. 

And one of the things I struggling with. 

How do I give each of these boys my undivided attention at some point during the day and still maintain the house, cook decently healthy meals and spend quality time with my husband?

I'm trying to experiment with different things to see what makes the most impact on them.  Hugs, words, special outings, little gifts, getting on the floor and playing with them.  These things take time, intentional time.

This is why there hasn't been much activity on this blog in a while.  If I write, I must stop something else that I'm doing.  Then something goes undone.  If I had more time, I would be able to give up reading novels, relaxing on the front porch or shopping.  But now, I give up either time with Mike, sleep or time with the Lord or the precious moments first thing in the morning where one of them comes down alone.  When I could hold them for a few minutes, whisper with my coffee breath words that show them love.  Words like: "I'm so glad you woke up so we can spend some time together."  Or "Good morning sweet boy!"  Or "I've been noticing how much better you are doing with ___.  Let's thank God for the way He is helping you in that area." 

(Just a heads up for you.... I hear talking coming from the bunk room, which means in a matter of minutes I will have three hungry little boys down here.  It will be nothing short of miraculous if I finish this post.   Sorry if I don't get it posted, but these little boys are my job.  I've got to put blogging beneath them.)  

A couple nights ago Mike was flying and the boys and I had a sleepover in the Dale Earnhardt Memorial Suite  (the name "guest room" just didn't have enough personality).   Jack and Austin slept on the air mattress while Ty and I snuggled into the bed.  Ty couldn't contain himself.  He scooted over close, hugged me, wrapped his legs around me and told me in a thousand words just how much he loved me and was so glad I was his mommy.  I listened to him, and 10 minutes later (when he took a breath) I told him I was so glad God had put him in our family.  I was so glad he was my son.  Then I asked him if I could pray with him and tell God thank you for him.  He nodded. 

So I began.  I thanked God for the boy.  I thanked God for the way He made Ty.  I thanked Him for giving Ty a heart that loved his brothers and his family.  I thanked God for the growth (not physical) that I'd seen in Ty.  I began to ask God to draw Ty's heart to Himself when Ty stopped me.

"Mom...."  I ignored him.  (The boy has a problem with interrupting.)  But he was persistent:   "Mom!"  He loudly whispered.

"What Ty?"

"I liked what you said about me.  I liked what you pwayed, that you love me.  I want you to keep pwaying that...  I like that you said those nice things about me...." 

He continued.  I can't remember all his exact words.  But then he said, "Mom.  I want you to keep pwaying for those things.  Just keep saying it when you pway....  Keep that on your pwayer list."

"Keep that on your prayer list?"  I laughed and wondered where he had heard that phrase.

Who knows.  But I'll do it.  I'll keep it on my prayer list and I'll remember how much words mean to Ty,  especially words spoken to his creator about how wonderfully he was made.

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