Friday, February 15, 2013

Old Man Jack

Well, as is my style, I didn't realize what day it was till Jack asked me for his old man haircut.  I reminded him we weren't going to cut his hair until the day before he was supposed to dress up as a 100-year-old.  He told me, "Mom, today IS the day before."
Surely not, I had another week to put together his costume.  I went looking for the handout, found it and saw that the child was correct. The 100th day of school was tomorrow!
It was then that I told Jack my idea of getting some sort of wig instead of the haircut.  I told him his head would be cold for the rest of the winter if we shaved it.  He did not have a problem with getting a wig or even spray on hair color.
I got him off to school, loaded up my recyclables and headed down toward the base.  The whole way there phoning my most resourceful friends asking if they had things like: canes or old glasses or suspenders.  I called others asking for their ideas for the costume.  What do I get where?  How much will I have to pay for a wig?  What about a bald cap?  How do you do old man makeup?  So many questions, so little time... (for real).
My friends are the greatest, they came through with ideas and even some suspenders and eyeliner.  A trip down to the other side of Little Rock resulted in a bald cap ($3) and some old man glasses ($4).  That was all it took. 
He loved his costume and wore it all day.   When I picked him up at 3:15 he was still in character.  Bald cap on backwards, he had found a pencil and was using it as his cane. All bent over, he hobbled the whole way to the van.  
Later on, two of the students said their favorite part of the 100th day of school was Jack's belly. 
"They even liked me more than the snack, Mom.  And the snack was sooo good." 

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