Thursday, February 28, 2013

They're after me I tell you!

For those of you (not Chris Mathis) who, when reading about how I keep almost ruining every party Jack's kindergarten class has had think:  "Oh that Becca, she just exaggerates everything.  I'm sure she's not messing up a thing those cute little kinders are doing."
See below:
For those of you with questionable eyesight (Chris Mathis), it says:

 "Mrs. Ellis, Thank you for signing up to bring fruit for our party tomorrow at"

I found this wrinkled note on the floor this morning.  It was lying near the wall by the magazine rack.  I have no idea how many days it's been there.  I don't know which "tomorrow" the writer is referring to.  I don't even know who the writer is! 
See people?  Something crazy is going on here.  Is this a prank?  Chris Mathis, do you  have anything to do with this?  It sort of reminds me of that time I came home to find my couch on my stairs.   Except that was clearly a prank.  I'm not sure if this is...
  I've about decided that there's just not much I can do.  Something sinister (ok that might have been an exaggeration) something fishy is going on here and I'm pretty sure I'm the victim.  But today the jokes on them because I'm not showing up at school with a plate of apple slices for a party that happened yesterday or whenever it happened or will happen or is happening this very moment.
Not today.  Not today....

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