Monday, April 1, 2013

Put that on your blog

I knew it would happen at some point and now it has: the kids are finally old enough to read and read well.  Claire, my niece, has recently discovered my blog and Emily, my sister, said she sat for two days on the computer and read most of it.  Over spring break she was talking it up to Jack.  I'm not sure what she told him, but whatever it was, it made him think it was kind of fun to be the subject written about. 

Any time something funny happens at the house he's been telling me to write about it.

Just the other day he ran down the stairs, stuck his head around the corner and says:  "Mom!  Ty and I were upstairs talking about our favorite shows and Ty just told me he liked 'Tinker Bell.'  You should put that on your blog Mom." 

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Katie said...

Reminds me of my Dad's favorite movie scene from Dances With Wolves. They are sitting around the campfire and the guy farts and tells Kevin Costner to "Put that in your book."