Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Child's Story Bible

This is another book I LOVE.

The Child's Story Bible has been part of our nightly reading for the last several months.  It has also been part of my Sunday school lesson on most weeks.  The stories are told with much accuracy and the attention to detail is what I really love about this book.  Most story Bibles don't tell the whole story.  They leave tons out.  This one doesn't.  Several times it has given me details that I couldn't remember so I look it up in my Bible.  Every time the book has been Biblically accurate --which is more than I can say for myself unfortunately.

This last week we skipped ahead to the New Testament to read about Jesus' last day and then Sunday we read about the resurrection.  It was so, so good.  At one point I was almost in tears as this book so lovingly explained how Jesus' sacrifice was for us:

Then they stretched Jesus out upon the cross.  With heavy spikes they nailed His blessed hands and feet to the wooden beams.  They raised the cross and set it in the hole with stones and earth so that the cross would stand upright.  Two thieves were crucified with Jesus, one on His right hand, and one on His left.
When they had finished all this, the soldiers divided up Jesus' clothes among the four of them.  His coat was one piece, without any seams.  So they said, "Let us not tear it, but cast lots for it, whose it shall be."
It is very painful to you and me to see our beloved Lord hanging there on the cross, with His blood dripping down.  But even though it is painful, we need to look, for He hangs there because of what we have done.  His blood is being shed to pay for our sins.  He loved us so much that He chose to die in our place. 
Even in His great suffering Jesus thought not of Himself but of others.  The first words He uttered were a prayer: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Wow.  This year, the old old story seemed fresh and new to me.  I read it in a book written for children.  The simple language made the simple story so easy to digest:  Jesus loves us.

I want to type out for you many more parts that spoke to my heart as I read this last week.  I know this book is for kids, and if you have kids ages 4+, I HIGHLY recommend using this book as you disciple your children.  It captivates my boys.  They look forward to the stories in here as much as any other book we have read.  But you know, even if you don't have kids, I think this book will speak to your heart as it has mine.  So pretty much... everyone needs a copy.  Besides, you'll have it on hand for the next time you get the privilege of stepping into a children's class on Sunday morning.  ;-)   

The Child's Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos

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Anonymous said...

I love this Bible! I read it to my kids as part of our Bible reading for home school. I like the way she writes in story form. It makes the accounts come alive for kids. It would be a great shower gift for moms on kid #2+. ~Risa