Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I really should be napping right now.

I should.

We've been doing well the last few days, I've had little sleep but am physically feeling great. I'm much less tired than when I was pregnant. I am sleepy and have a permanent fuzzy head probably equivalent to one drink. Now I know why everyone makes such a big deal about drinking and driving. I've run two red lights since baby has been here. I'm not talking about the kind where you think you can make it through the intersection while the light is still yellow, I'm talking about the kind that gets you t-boned. Two times it didn't register in my brain that the light was red.


Mom, don't panic.

I'm trying to focus in on traffic signals better.

For those of you at church who have asked how I was doing and I've sensed that you genuinely are interested, we are doing well. I've got more to do than I have time to do. I'm spending more time with each of the big boys, reading books or sitting with them while they watch TV (about the only time I can get them to sit in my lap without running off). Then sweet Austin, he doesn't need much, but I do hold him when nursing and then when he's awake I try to give good eye contact and talk to him. I'm learning to leave the mess and instead tend to the kids, before there was time for both. Now, I'll choose sleep over cleaning, and currently I'm choosing blogging over sleep and cleaning. (Yes, you should feel special.)

The last thing before I go:

Mike's grandpa passed away early this morning. He suddenly became very very ill last week and they found out he had cancer. Mike flew out Monday morning to San Diego to be with him, as did Mike's mom and sister. I'm thankful that Mike got to go see him again and wish I could have gone too. It was so sudden that we didn't have time to plan and felt it would be best for me to stay here with the boys. Please pray for: Row, Bobby, Eddie, Gina, Scott, Eileen and the grandkids as we are mourning the loss of our grandpa.

One last last thing:

Ty is doing a bit better. Thank you for praying for him as he transitions to being the middle kid. Continue to pray for him, but know that I can see a difference! Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Tell Mike we are sorry to hear that his grandpa died. I have heard what a sweet man he was and wish I could have met him. We will be praying for his family.

Also, thanks for advertising Readalike for us! Seeing it was a special surprise this evening. (I don't know when you added it...I have not been on the computer much lately) Thanks!

Can't wait to see you and the boys!

Cinda Boshart said...

Becca, it sounds to me like you have your priorities in good places. I'm really proud of you!

Hey, don't put sleep too far on the back burner, though.

Love you!