Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things my parents have taught me --sleep

I never actually "got it" until I read the book by Carolyn Mahaney titled: Feminine Appeal, but I know my mom and dad taught me to go to bed at a reasonable time and to wake ready to work.

Mom definitely modeled it. My whole life Mom has woken early and was hard at work long before my eyes opened. Now, thirty years after her first child was born, she still wakes early and is worn out by night. She has mentioned how she would love to be able to stay up with us and play games, watch movies or talk. But that wise woman has trained her body to sleep at night so that she can be up and ready to serve in the mornings.

Now check out the words by Martha Peace that Carolyn quotes in her book. These words really made me stop and rethink how I spend my time. See what you think, but careful they hurt a bit.

I have heard of women who pride themselves on being "night people." That means they have trouble getting up in the mornings because they come alive at night. They may stay up to all hours reading, watching television or pursing some sort of interest. The next morning they are too tired to get up and care for the family....

These women are not "night people." They are lazy and selfish. Who would not rather stay up late and do whatever they pleased and sleep late the next day?

Once a young wife begins getting up earlier than her children and her husband, she will cease to be a "night person." She will be tired at night and go to bed at a reasonable hour so she will be there to serve her family the next morning.

Carolyn continues with this:

So what time should we go to sleep or wake up each day? That can be determined by knowing how much sleep we need to pursue daily communion with God, care for our husbands and children, and manage the duties of our home. This is applying self-control as it relates to sleep.

Now I must add an addendum for all moms with young children who wake up in the middle of the night. For you, sleep may feel like a lost commodity. However, I can assure you, your children will grow, and eventually you will be able to return to normal sleeping patterns. In the meantime, try to get what sleep you can.

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way to make me feel guilty last night at midnight when i was reading your post. yes...i should have been in bed.

sweet pic of Austin (black background under "the boys"