Monday, June 21, 2010

It's convenient... so sue me.

Jack may have taken the whole, "You can potty outside sometimes" directive a bit too far.

The other day we were at the park with some friends and a lady (who was there with a daycare) comes up and says,
"Excuse me, there is a little boy over there peeing."

I think she meant,
"Hey you! I know that is your kid and he is peeing in front of my 20 YMCA girls... and I don't appreciate it."

So, in lieu of recent events (the above mentioned one was not exclusive) I decided to brief the boys before arriving at Mom and Dad's house this weekend. The girl cousins would be there and I didn't want them being exposed.

"Boys, when we get to Gigi and Pop's house, you need to remember to go pee-pee in the house. Make sure you close all the doors so you will have privacy. Jack, you may go by yourself, but Ty you need to take a grownup in with you."

Ty mumbles something about him being a big boy. I don't think he heard anything else I said. He was bothered that I didn't think he could do it alone.

I continue, "Boys, I don't want you going potty outside. There will be girls at Gigi's house and we don't go potty in the grass when other people are around."

Jack's eyes light up as he thinks of another suggestion: "And, and, and... we should not go pee-pee on the flowers, because, because, because, if you put the flower in your hair, that would be gross!"

"Yes. It would be. Thank you Jack."


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Anonymous said...

Hey, I still do it all the time. I even go on flowers. I just try to remember not to put them in my hair afterward.