Monday, September 6, 2010

I learn something new every day

Cabbage helps take the swelling out of, well, anything that is swollen. Cool huh? Cabbage also will help you get over mastitis --which is an infection in your "boo-boo" (term originated with my niece and has now become my favorite way of refering to... that part of the body). Cabbage can be used to help a nursing mama's milk supply dry up.

Tonight my little friend Gabby taught me about another way (other than digesting) veggies can help your body.

Gabby: "My ear was hurting today so mommy put broccoli on it."

Me [thinking I'd heard wrong]: "Broccoli? Green broccoli?"

Gabby: "No, black broccoli."

Me: "...oh."

Veggies are amazing.

And for those of you who don't think so, check out the sign we have displayed in our garage:

"There are no bad vegetables. Only misunderstood ones."

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Laura Selph said...

We had lots of cows get mastitis. Never used cabbage though. Wonder if my dad knows about that...