Monday, September 27, 2010

West Texas State Fair and Rodeo

I have a good excuse... really.

Our computer monitor has some sort of electrical short (like I really know) and the power button is messed up and won't stay on. Thus rendering that computer useless.

Mike has been gone the last two weeks on TDY (AF business trip). He took the laptop with him. He's taking online college classes and the computer was a must have.

So I've been without computer access for the last two weeks.

That's why I haven't posted.

Ya'll probably thought my children had been running me ragged and I'd had zero time to post. Well, that was true too, but I'm saving that excuse for later.

The last post I put up was about Hannah coming to visit. If you know Hannah, you know that while she was here she blessed us by taking pictures that make us all look better than we actually do.

And you're right. She did. And here they are:

First thing: Find food.

Ashten told me I had to try the corn. She was right. It was good.

The boys were so hungry and very patient as we scoured the fair grounds for a hand dipped corn dog.

"I'm ... just... so... hungry...."

Mike was a hero. He finally found the hand-dipped corn dogs.

All Jack really wanted to do at the fair was to eat ice cream. I always tell him and Ty, "Good things come to boys who obey." I think I stole that line from Emily. Well, on the way to the fair Jack was saying, "Mom, I'm still obeying!" then he'd wait about 30 seconds and say, "Look Mom, I'm still obeying." He repeated it about 10 times before we told him to be quiet. -It worked, he had to obey the "be quiet" command if he was going to continue being good. Don't know why it took us so long to think of that one...

He was good. He got his ice cream.

The boys loved waving at their good friend, Wyatt, who was riding the merry-go-round.

This group shot was actually THE last thing we did before getting ice cream (I know, the pictures are out of order.) But see the smiles? You can bet we were back there saying, "Smile good and we'll go get ice cream!" Bribery is part of our every day routine of parenting.

I saw this next picture and couldn't figure out what we were doing and why Hannah took a picture of it. I thought, "What did those kids get into?"

Turns out we were just dusting off the dinner before a family pic.

I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to get a front row seat, about 20 feet over the ground, with only 14 inches of concrete and a metal bar keeping my children from falling on the cowboys below. Wish I had more horse sense. (har har)

And yes, Hannah made it into a picture. The reason I didn't take the camera from her more often was
1) she doesn't want her camera broken and I don't really trust myself.
2) she was using it on a manual setting which I had no idea how to operate.
3) I had my hands pretty full already

Jack watching the bucking bronco. Jack says his favorite part of the rodeo was the skit done by the rodeo clowns.


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Cinda Boshart said...

Ya'll fair was the first I ever went to. We would by "disks" for $.50. They were round or heart-shaped metal charms the size of a half dollar. Your name was quickly etched on them and they hung on a long silver chain. If you had a boyfriend (I didn't), you "traded." That was the term for "going out." :-)

Loved looking at you having fun and reading about your outing!