Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Not really.

I have a love/hate relationship with our culture.

I love it because it is what is normal and natural to me.

I hate it because it tells me things like:

"Life is all about you."
"Go do something nice for yourself --you deserve it."
"Women should contribute financially."
"Shower daily."

There's a story behind that last one... for later.

Glamorous. "Pursue a life that is glamorous. One that makes you happy."

Yesterday I sat in a pile of little shirts, shorts, blue jeans and under ware. Little socks, shoes, hats and jackets.

And little people.

It was time to switch out the clothes for the new season. I hate doing this job. I'd rather clean up throw up than deal with the explosion that is "change out clothes day." I hate it so much that I never do it for myself. My closet holds the whole years worth of clothes, it holds the ones that fit me when Mike's deployed and I've dropped 2 sizes. It holds the clothes I wear when I eat regularly. It holds the post-pregnancy, before I get back down to normal clothes. It currently has all my maternity clothes in it. I've considered taking them out. But what if I get pregnant again and have to get them all back out! Oh the agony. I'd rather get pregnant and wear them than deal with taking them out of the closet.

So now that you know where I'm coming from...

Clothes day is not glamorous.

In the middle of dealing with the clothes monster, I had inter relational problems with one child. Discontentment issues with another and regurgitation in the third.

I wore the hats of a judge, security officer, motivational speaker, psychologist, and janitor.

From my children I got the same recognition as the door mat.



I sent a text to a friend of mine, joking (complaining) about the circumstances.

She encouraged me, "...robes of white, robes of white." She reminded me of the reward that will be mine one day.

I worked till 9:00 last night. It was a 15 hour day. I had to recover the house that had been neglected all day while I did laundry.

Last night I was blessed by more uninterrupted sleep than I had been getting lately. This morning I am up early with my coffee on the front porch. I chose to start out my time with God by listening to worship music. Crowder started singing his song, "Everything Glorious."

"You make everything glorious," the song spoke.



I'd had it wrong all day. Stupid culture.

All day I felt like I was not accomplishing what the world says we should work for.

Instead I was accomplishing what God says I must work for.

You [God] make everything glorious.

You make washing smelly under ware glorious.
You make disciplining children glorious.
You make reorganizing drawers glorious.
You make _________ glorious.

Everything I do should be done for the glory of God.

I need to change my heart to be joyful and excited about every little job I have been given. I need to look at is as an opportunity to bring glory to my God.

My little, unmemorable duties can be made glorious.

Glorious =confering or advancing glory (or renoun)

Psalm 34:3

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Chris and Sarah said...

Totally was thinking of this post today as I cleaned off backyard play toys and scooped poop! It made me have a much better perspective. :-) Thanks!!