Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The dentist (and other stories)

About a month ago on a Tuesday (MDO day) I got a call from one of the teachers. This is never good, it usually means someone needs new underwear. This time underwear would have been ideal. It was Mrs. Amy telling me that Ty had had an accident (again, not the kind that requires fresh pants). He had fallen off of a short ledge and caught himself by the face. His teeth and gums were bleeding and his chin scraped.

To the dentist we went.

Since it was baby teeth that were damaged there wasn't really anything that had to be done. We did schedule a follow up appointment for today.

Ty was a little nervous.

But after riding on the chair, checking out the new light-up toothbrush, and catching a glimpse of his new race car, he settled right in.

It went so well that we asked if the Doc could check out Jack while we were there. They had time. Here is Jack sitting PERFECTLY still while they took x-rays of his teeth.

And... (drum roll please)

No Cavities!!

Brushing the kids teeth is really a chore for me, but I do it, ya know, cause I love 'em. I feel rewarded for all my hard work. ahh. It's nice that something is paying off!

Those are just cute toes. :-)
Below is Austin's first trip to the Abilene zoo.

He loved it.

Jack is so creative. If I've said it before, I've said it a thousand times, "He's a thinker!"

I'd imagine Percy had as much fun as Jack with his Ferris wheel-like ride.

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