Monday, October 18, 2010

Bear Hug #6

We love AWANA.

Jack has been enjoying doing the lessons with me during nap time.

Today we were getting ready for Wednesday's lesson. Some questions were listed for us to go over. They seemed a little hard, or at least not easy for the children. Looked like his workers require something out of the kids --which I like!

Questions Jack was supposed to answer:

1What did God make on each day of creation?


2What is sin?


3What is a promise?


4Who were Adam and Eve?

They sinneded

5What was Gabriel's message to Mary?

She's gunna have a baby

6Who was Simeon?

Didn't know, I had to remind him.

7With whom was Jesus talking at the temple?

The leaders of the temple

Pretty good huh? :-)

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