Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Apparently I'm cheap.

Not just, "Don't want to be snookered," or even "Likes to get a good deal," no.

I am cha-eep.

I know because my little children say things like:

"Hey Mom, do you have a coupon for this store?" -When buying Jack new shoes

"Is this on sale?" -Buying Austin some onesies

"Mom this penny is Miiiine." -Ty, as he clings to a flat penny. "I have a flat penny and this penny is mine."

"Mommy can I have your coupon?" Me: Ty, this is a credit card. "Can I have your credit card?"

"Mommy did you remember your coupons?" -As we are walking into Walmart

There was yesterday when I went to Starbucks with Austin during MDO, walked to the counter, ordered an Artisan breakfast sandwich, handed them a voucher for the sandwich then ordered a plain coffee. $1.75.


Sat down at their largest table and clipped coupons from the Sunday paper.


But the event that inspired this post?

Jack and Ty were playing with a toy bead maze (similar to the one pictured below)
They both were holding little train engines and Jack says, "Mom, we are trying to figure out which track on this ride is on sale."

Kids listen. They repeat what they hear. I just think it's funny that Emily's (my older sister) girls are caught saying things like:

"I think that would be a wise choice." and "Aren't you a cute little boy."

While mine are make-believe sale shopping.

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Anonymous said...

You should know that Claire and Ava have been caught playing garage sale...they don't know that you can buy toys at a store. The only store bought toys they get come at their birthdays and Christmas!