Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

It was the long anticipated trip to the pumpkin patch. Three years of living in Abilene and knowing Amanda Weems and I had never been. Being the always prepared mom that I am, I didn't have a camera. Jack and Ty's teachers have kindly gotten the pictures to me.

That's Jack, third from the right --not batman.

Austin had a nice time, the sun was just a bit bright. He is growing up so fast. Makes me mad.

A hay ride. Excited children. Not a grown up within arms reach. I was a little nervous.
Ty did great. He was the line leader today and held Ms. Kelly's hand like a champ. He paraded the whole group from the van, down the sidewalk, and into the pumpkin patch.

Best buddies.

Jack has been looking so grown up to me lately. I love my little boy. I want him to stay this age forever. He won't. I'm glad I got to be there with the boys. I'm glad I didn't miss this opportunity. I mostly just visited with grown ups, and let the kids do their thing. They did great. They didn't need me. Sometimes all I want is to not be needed. But I really don't. I like being needed. I like seeing glimpses of my children functioning well without me. Isn't that my goal as a parent? To raise children into responsible, capable adults?
I guess so.
But it's kinda hard...

Now these next three shots cracked me up last night as I looked at the attempts to get a good "Becca and the Boys" group shot.

whatever. This is more true to life anyway.

After leaving the pumpkin patch, Austin and I went grocery shopping. I'd been inspired by my morning activities. A story had been read to the group about how a farmer takes a pumpkin from a seed to a jack-o-lantern. I walked by the pumpkin display and saw a 49 cent pie pumpkin. I bought it.
I was about to show the boys how to take a pumpkin and turn it in to dessert. I'd seen my mother-in-law do it once. It looked hard. My motto is: if it's not hard, then it probably won't turn into a disaster and if it doesn't turn into a disaster, then it won't make a good blog post.
After school I asked the boys if they wanted to help me make a pumpkin pie. They did!
I cleared off the train table, instructed the boys to strip, put a huge tarp on the floor and a plastic table clothe on top. I decided to take the cooking off of the high counters and down to their level.
I cut that pumpkin in half and handed each of the boys a spoon and a bowl.
"Get all the seeds out" I instructed.
After a few moments hesitation, they embraced the slimy sticky pumpkin goo and got to work. I had awesome pictures... the disk got messed up before I could get them all off.
After cooking the pumpkin I had the boys puree it. Ty loved the fact that the tool made little noise. He kept mentioning how quiet it was.

Four eggs. No Ty, we've got to crack 'em first.

Almost ready.

And yes, for those who are wondering. We made a homemade crust. Jack got to handle a knife for the first time in his life. I let him cut the extra crust off of the pie. Ty's job was to find a spot to stick it back on.

Jack could hardly wait to eat it!
Extra filling meant that each boy gets to take a small pie to school with him tomorrow in his lunch.

He loved it.

So did he. I think Jack was in shock over the delicious taste.

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You are one fun mom!
Sarah H.