Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm going to miss these days

So I try to smile and enjoy the days of Abilene-red dirt footprint stains all over my front porch.
As much as I love babies and little boys I know one day my heart will yearn for a dirty entryway, or finding an occasional pair of wet undies in the bathroom, or seeing matchbox cars on the floor all in a row.

I see the joy and delight on my mom's face and my mother-in-law's face when they are around my little boys. I can hear the longing in thier voices when they speak of wanting a visit. After witnessing this, I would be wise to put aside the desire for a tidy house and instead focus intently on these precious little people that I have in my home for only a season.

I pray that I would always be mindful of the: 1) opportunity I have to model the gospel to these little boys and 2) the responsibility that I have to do so.

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