Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas cards

I love Christmas cards with pictures in them....

(hint hint)

I do.

If you send me one, and I know you, you will be up on my fridge all year. I will look at your face and smile.

I probably will pray for you at least one more time than I normally would have --that's really the best reason to send me a card.

Be warned, if you sent me one last year and you think you are good, you're not. Last year's photos come down. You're out. Hopefully your knew photo is in.

If you think you can't afford to send me a photo card, think again:


Go to this site. 24 photo cards for $2.49 --that includes shipping.

Go do it, upload a picture even if it's just an ok one.

Cause I want to see your smiling face.

It reminds me of how good God is to me.

1 comment:

The Jenkins said...

I wonder if I can just get you an 8x10...